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    Hello!! Hope this is OK to post here.

    Accountability buddies (especially other girls / women with ADHD) have worked really well for me in the past, but usually one of us predictably flakes haha. I figured a group might be better, so I created one in Habitica! There are about 3 of us (women / girls with ADHD) now and you would be super welcome to join 😊

    For those that don’t know what it is, Habitica is basically a gamification app. I like that it has:

    – To-do list with dates, good / bad habits (ad hoc) & daily repeating tasks
    – Fun challenges
    – In-game rewards
    – The option of real life rewards for those who aren’t that into game rewards
    – Most importantly, a chat space where we can encourage each other & discuss stuff! No shame (shame should be ashamed of itself haha), only kindness and support!

    (All totally free btw just in case I sound a bit salesperson-y haha. I just like the app :))

    Just post below or message me on Habitica (it’s fairly easy to create an account on the app or website! My username is snugglyhedonist) 🙂

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    Just to clarify, it’s meant as a small group so we can celebrate & commiserate all we like 😀

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    Hi! This might be exactly what I’m looking for! I just signed up for Habitica, but can’t figure out how to message you within the app. Can you help?

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    I tried to send you a message in Habitica but it came up “could not find user”, do you go by a different username? Would love to join you guys!

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