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      Not sure if I should put this in young adult or adult. Sometimes I don’t FEEL like I’m even an adult but I mean. What can you do?

      Backstory: I’m 26. My ADHD is pretty bad. Like, I’m certain even the medication and self help is nowhere near enough to even get me to a level that is ‘expected’ for most people. It’s very hard for me to be pushed without physically being pushed to do certain things. Hell, last semester around the end I worked so hard on merely two projects for geology I got violently sick with strep throat (stress induced immune deficiency I can only say), failed my finals and tanked my GPA lower than it was previously. YEAH. It’s no wonder the department head of geology looked at my degree plan and said that we needed to think realistically on what I can do without making myself feel worse. When it comes to something like job searching it’s a bit overwhelming. So trying to push myself to get myself out is tough. But one degree change and a new schedule for next year to graduate as early as possible and I’m on the roll.

      However, money is tight in the family. The problem is that I’ve been expected to get a job this summer and so far I haven’t. I’ve applied to many, many different places as best as I could and hit up a resume and everything. Problem is, I don’t feel like I’ve been doing enough and the family is expecting me to push to try and search for a job in a small college town. So far my income’s been art commissions and even that isn’t enough to get by.

      I’ve had some friends give me nice, helpful advice regarding job searching and generally an understanding eye, especially since it’s the summer and all, but… Are there any good tips for people with ADHD to get themselves out there? Are there any good sites or things I can do?

      (Also when I say I’m motivationally challenged, instead of applying for jobs I’m sitting here drawing and also writing this as we speak. Heck if I know if this counts towards ‘job seraching’ :P)

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      Nice that you’ve gotten some commissions. That must feel great!
      Have you ever tried to work through a temp agency? Sometimes they have positions that can be for a day, a few days, a month…blah…Most likely it won’t be super interesting, but it could be. Plus, unless you are offered a job thru that, you only need to fill out an application once. And doing different things and meeting different people could give you inspiration for art and writing.
      Have you gone onto job hunting websites like Indeed? Great for the imagination.

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      Penny Williams

      Here are some great tips on job searches when you have ADHD:

      You’re 7 Steps Away From a Successful Job Search

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Yeah the commissions felt great. It’s not much money but hey. What can you do. I have not thought of temp agencies, you know I might seriously consider it since well… anything goes! I have gone to sites like Glassdoor (and my local college campus job site) but I need to send in my application on Indeed.

      That article is exceedingly helpful, actually. Usually it takes a lot to get my gears grinding so perhaps if I did treat it as going to school/a job by getting dressed and sitting down that might help excessively. Most of my problem has been trying to get myself started on it and keeping to a schedule.

      Thanks for the help. 😀 I’ll let you know if I get anything in the future.

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