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      Sam k

      Or is should say Jill!

      Over the years I have done so many courses, signed up for stuff, dropped out gone back, dropped out again. I have studied but not really learned anything. Spent money on beauty courses and not offered them as services. Still haven’t looked for degree related work in the food industry. I lack motivation, confidence, my cognition and people skills are distorted. I want extra money so I can take the kids on holiday but realistically with my freelance makeup work it’s going to be hard. Plus my hubby is not a hard worker he doesn’t have a professional job with a decent salary. He couldn’t support me.
      I just feel I haven’t really gotten out there despite all the money spent and years of learning. Other people who stated out way after me have gotten ahead of me career wise.
      I am now considering taking the dive and applying for a full time job but my executive function is so poor I most likely will apply for jobs below my skill level. My social anxiety is holding me back too.

      In the past I have juggled university, had my freelance job and done an online teaching award for my beauty, which was an insurance requirement for me to run private teaching courses. I haven’t put that in to practise either. It was a 3 Month online course which I rushed through for the sake of getting it done .

      I take on too much, and rush Things for the sake of getting them done,mediocre grades/ outcome and don’t actually retain much of what I’ve learned.

      This is hell

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      Hi Jill of all trades.
      I get it. I am exactly the same way. I can’t really offer any advice seeing as I am exactly the same boat you’re in but I can tell you that you’re not alone.

      Hang in there.
      Danielle xo

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        Sam k

        Danielle have you received n official diagnosis ? I am on a very long waiting list. An assessor pinpointed ADHD and ASD finally after years of misdiagnosis and meds which didn’t work! Thanks for tour support, means a lot. X

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