I've fallen so behind in school! I need better ways to do my HW. HELP PLEASE

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      OK so I’m a junior in high school and finishing work even when I’m caught up seems like hell. I got the flu earlier in the 3rd quarter, and I missed 3-4 days of school. While that may not seem like a lot, it is. I am now 3 essays, a test, and project behind in english, in math I’m a whole test behind (not to mention I have to learn new material while remembering the old material), in History I am 1 test behind, along with Science where I am also one test behind.It’s now been like this for 3 weeks and I’ve really tried to find the motivation to do all the work. I’m starting to think it may have nothing to do with motivation and everything to do with maintaining a schedule and having a routine. I’ve never been great at sticking with routines and I would really appreciate some assistance. Also If anyone has ideas on how to stay focused on my work or study strategies I could practice and master that would mean the world.

      Thanks for reading this.

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      Hi- Working in chunks of time is very helpful – You do have to know yourself a little bit though- For example , you need to figure out how long of a chunk you can work in- for me it depended on what I was doing- I seemed to be able to work in longer chunks if I was writing a paper so I would set chunks of time for myself like work for an hour and then give myself a half hour break – Study for 1/2 hour 15 min break – ( set timers this might help) – Sometimes I would really have to use my inner voice to talk me into keep going in those chunks but if you use a timer and use your inner voice to keep working until the timer- then reward yourself – it might help – I earned 2 college degrees working in chunks – I hope the strategy helps you.

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      Penny Williams

      Schedule out each item you’re behind in. Maybe do one task a day of makeup work in addition to keep up with current studies. Otherwise, it’s very overwhelming and feels like you’ll never get caught up.

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      Ask the teacher if they have an after school period that you can come in on. Tell them your struggles and needing motivation. If they put a deadline suddenly you have all the motivation. Lol.

      So a couple things: 1) you’re focused on everything you have to do. That’s overwhelming. Focus on just saying you need to write one paragraph of your essay, read one page of the new lesson, etc. 2) take emotion out of it. If you think you’re this or that or a failure, you will psych yourself down quick. 3) identify your type of procrastination. There is an article on here. 4) Eliminate all distractions. If you need to, unplug your router.

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        Thank you. I have been feeling really down lately. This was nice to hear. Nice to know others have been in my position.

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        You’re welcome.

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