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      Last November I took my first and only round of phentermine 45. The weight loss was not even half my benefits. Anxiety gone.Impulsivity gone.Constant ruminating gone.Hostility gone.A PA friend suggested I get tested for ADHD. I am. The search for medications has been not pleasant. Strattera was a foggy nightmare. Currently, Adderall xr 125 mg is the best so far,but still wandering around in my head most of the day.Any suggestion?

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      Penny Williams

      There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both.

      If Adderall isn’t going well for you, it would stand to reason to try a methylphenidate next, so discuss that with your doctor.

      Here’s more on ADHD medications:

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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        My god. This is happening to me. 38 years of not knowing what is happening to me. They said anxiety etc.

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      Hello. I went to my former doctor (a GP) with concerns of ADD, was assessed and diagnosed with ADD, and prescribed with Phentermine. The effects were astounding, for about three days, and then it stopped. I found out thereafter that the doctor wasn’t proscribing the Phentermine for ADD, but for weight loss and had lied to me. I live in central Arkansas and am having trouble finding ANYONE who has any interest in treating ADD in adults. What should I do? My old family doctor told me he doesn’t prescribe medication for ADD, considering all the stimulants to be nothing but “legal speed” and he won’t do that to me. I’m stuck. Everyone wants me to lose weight but I can’t remember that I am supposed to be dieting and exercising from moment to moment. I don’t know what to do.

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        Hey! Where do you live? If it’s in NW Arkansas I would go see Dr. Coker. If you were diagnosed with ADHD then you should be able to bring the paperwork to most doctors and get prescribed. Don’t be afraid to go to an Urgent Care Center, some of them will prescribe if you’re in between doctors. Just make sure you have your paperwork with the diagnosis! Also, if that diagnosis isn’t cutting it for whatever reason you could get diagnosed by a psychologist and then there should be no trouble at all.

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        Everyone wants me to lose weight but I can’t remember that I am supposed to be dieting and exercising from moment to moment. I don’t know what to do.

        I know this feeling oh so well

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      I started Phentermine 37.5mg yesterday (2/20) to aid in weight loss. However having had it two days, I do feel calmer, more relaxed, more alert, less stress and anxiety, and much more focused than I have been feeling lately. For example, I was so hyper focused that after teaching for 8 hours today, I was able to finish 1 IEP, start 2 others and completely finish them and respond to emails before heading home. (Lately after work, I’ve been heading home to relax because my anxiety and stress levels have been high.)

      I have never been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder of any varying degree, however I have often wondered for many years if I did have ADHD, especially considering when I was a child it was suggested by my educators that I be placed on Ritilin (I was a child of the 90s).

      However in taking this medication for less than 48 hours, I know the likelihood of it working that quick would be difficult, as it typically takes medication about 10 days to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

      It should be noted that I am already experiencing the other side effect of insomnia. I slepted a total of about 2.5 hours last night, 4am to about 6:30, worked all day, and didn’t leave work until almost mid-night and I still feel wide awake. (However Tuesday I came home and slept from 6pm Tuesday until 7:30am Wednesday, and Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm due to pure exhaustion.)

      Have any others, aside from the individual who made the parent post, experienced being calmer, more focused, more alert, and decreased anxiety and stress while taking phentramine 37.5mg?


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      I actually DID experience that calming, focused effect. But I also experienced the insomnia at night and eventually started to be anxious and fidgety when on Phentermine.

      I have been on and off of Phentermine for YEARS. Weight has always been a challenge and I first started taking it for that, but soon realized that when on it, I had a different kind of energy…kind of like an energized focus. It didn’t make me bounce off walls or anything, but it somehow gave the the energy and focus needed for me to get through my day with the kind of energy, focus, and drive that I had been lacking before. Eventually, I found that it started making me feel anxious and unable to relax.

      When I stopped taking it, I found that I was almost dysfunctional and unable to summon the energy and focus that I had both when taking the Phentermine and even before taking the Phentermine. It’s as if I ended up with even less energy, focus, and drive than before I even started the meds. I thought it was a dependency that I had developed, but after some soul searching, realized two things:

      1) the reason I continued with Phentermine was not for weight loss, but for that energy and focus.
      2) I’ve had issues with attention, task completion, punctuality, paperwork (literally, anything that involves completion and submission of paperwork), memory, as well as a severe emotional sensitivity to anything I deemed as “negative perspectives or vibes” being directed at me and some of the most severe negative feelings I’ve ever witnessed. (Based on comments from childhood friends, adults, and teachers, as well as from current/recent colleagues, bosses, and loved ones, my emotional responses tend to be on the more extreme side. I’ve also dealt with what I was repeatedly told was “anxiety and depression,” but now see it’s situational and correlates with my ability to focus and be productive).

      Since accepting this realization, I’ve discussed it with both of my therapists, stopped taking Phentermine, and have seen a doctor who not only listened without judgment, but responded with prescribing Adderall. I’ve found that the Adderall definitely helps me focus and makes me much less fidgety than the Phentermine did. I feel driven and have a productive energy, not an anxious, almost uncontrollable energy. As long as I get the timing right, I don’t notice many issues with insomnia…but we’ll see if that changes.

      Hope my experience helps and that you find something that works for you. Remember… we’re all different, so there’s not a “magic” answer. Sometimes, we need to do some trial and error to figure out what works best.

      Best wishes and good luck!

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        Hi, wow sounds so much like me! I actually started taking phentermine for weight loss and found my anxiety went away, I had the focused energy and could think more clearly. Felt more motivated as well. I still get the phentermine when I go in for my b12 shots but save it for when I’m going to go into a situation where I know my anxiety will shoot up. It works wonders! I have an addictive personality so I only try drugs without Benzos for my anxiety. Nothing really works. So finding this helped so much. My psychologist doesn’t approve though.

        Anyway, everything you have said sounds so much like me. My strong emotions to negativity. I can’t watch news or even be on Facebook seeing all the missing children. I remember things my teachers, friends and bosses said and i feel it effects how I think and my focus on certain tasks. My energy, focus and motivation have been low for awhile and was told it’s depression. So I’m wondering about Adderall now. I don’t feel I have anything like ADD but I’m not a doctor. Thanks for this post, I’ll have to do some soul searching of my own and dig deeper into myself to find what’s going on.

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        Hi Katiejr,

        I have same background with emotions. I do not know if I have add or adhd but I’ve always suspected it. I am replying to you because most of the symptoms that you mentioned can be caused from you being an empath or a “highly sensitive” person. I have struggled really hard with not being able to tolerate negative conversations and I do not watch the news or I will get really overwhelmed even cry. empaths can “pick up’ others feelings and emotions by just walking past them or even talking on the phone. Imagine picking up emotions from people in a supermarket or any crowded space. What happens is you get overwhelmed because you cannot manage all the emotions especially when you don’t know where it is coming from. Anyway, I am not saying that this is what you are experiencing but it is a possibility.

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      I have very severe anxiety . I have gad and ptsd . I puke alot . I went on phintermine to loose weight . I was so supprised to find that my anxiety is almost gone. I havent puked since I have been on it and is such a relief. I dont get the energy from it like alot of people do . I could take it and go to sleep . I have tried alot of different drugs and none has done what this one has .

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      I just happened upon this site after Google search for ADD meds. So happy I did. Stories so familiar. I cannot find a physician willing to treat my ADD. I’m made to feel like a junkie. I started taking Phentermine and for the first time in my life I felt “normal.” This led to a diagnosis of ADD. I have been taking Adderall for 2 years. Not one time did I misuse either med. In fact I rarely took the prescribed dosage because I hoarded the pills in fear I might not get another prescription. My doctor is sketchy, putting it mildly. She changes offices literally every other month. So sick of tracking her down. I’ve been 6 weeks without either medication and struggling to function. So I thought I’d just go back to diet doctor for Phentermine. They will not prescribe until I’ve been 8 weeks off Adderall. I’ve been without 6 weeks, so what’s another 2, right? The thing is, I’m frustrated. Made to feel this disorder is just drug seeking is very humiliating. Thanks for a safe place to vent.

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        Hello, well because of this thread I talked to my psychiatrist about how phentermine took all my anxiety away and did so much more for me. I am a kaiser patient so that psychiatrist only spent about 15 minutes with me every 2 months or less. I have been on disability for 6 months now because I can’t function with the panic attacks and SI i was having. I went through 5 different anti-depression/anxiety meds and none worked. Kaiser has a “return to work board” and they were forcing me to go back to work after 2 months of being on disability yet I was still having passing suicidal thoughts and panic attacks because my anxiety was constantly at a 7/10. Even just sitting down watching TV. Needless to say Kaisers system is broken. Yes it was only a $5 co pay but I wasn’t getting the help needed. I sought out a psychiatrist outside of kaiser which I had to pay out of pocket. Dr. Brown (great scotts) is an amazing psychiatrist. I see him for at least 45 minutes each time, sometimes longer if needed. He answers texts and phone calls when I really need help in the moment. Anyway, I also told him about this forum and all the similarities i share with everyone here and my experience on phentermine. I also still go and get the phentermine and hoard it just in case. Well, Doc Brown listened and decided to try Adderall (however you spell that). It’s helped but its nothing like phentermine. Age 35 and never knew I had ADD. My anxiety has gone way down but now my depression isn’t being overshadowed by the anxiety so I think I still need some med searching. This is more than I wanted to write but to the one who is chasing down her doc every few weeks, if you live in LA (specifically diamondbar) california area. I highly suggest Doctor Paul Brown. He listens and he’s not sketchy at all. Another thing thats helped me is that once I realized I have ADD I searched for books on ADHD. There is a great one I listened to called “I always want to be where I’m not”. It’s helped me immensely in understanding my whole life!

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      Reading these posts, it’s “aha moment” after “aha moment”. I started phentermine for weight loss many years ago and it really lifted my mental focus and productivity, however, it did impact my sleep too much. At that time I hadn’t considered that I may have ADHD. Looking back, I can now see the connection. I have never been an easy sleeper but dexamphetamine has not had the negative impact that phentermine did.

      I was officially diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, at 38, after personal challenges lead me to CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and I accepted that my own beliefs were holding me back from accepting my ADD reality and that medication is beneficial. Did someone say ‘Stigma’ :/

      I am so grateful for the community sharing these experiences. It is helping me reduce the self-critic inside. People around me see an intelligent, outwardly social person and they have difficulty understanding or believing the complexity I face.

      It really is a journey though and the ‘life hack workarounds’ take a lot of effort, but at least I understand why I get drained now. I 100% agree that the smoothest way forward is flowing with the tide of interest and trying to buffer from the impact of the sink-holes.

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      So I’m having the same effects. I’m taking phentermine for weight loss, and noticed that the buzzing feeling of anxiety is GONE. I actually feel “normal” for once. I’m wondering though, if the phentermine is having a calming effect on me, is it going to help me lose any weight? I’ve lost about 5 pounds in one month of taking it.. But I have a lot more to lose…. any thoughts??

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      I used to take phentermine for weight loss in my 20’s and was addicted because of the energy boost, mental focus and the suppression of my appetite. Once I got off of them I was so low in energy, lack of focus and brain in a fog. So I ended up on them for years and I began experiencing psychosis and rage. The last time I took it was about 12 years ago. I just started again and to my surprise I am calm. I have been having difficulty handling stress lately with a racing mind. I thought I was tripping until I did a google search and found this post. I am not sure if they reformulated it because it feels way different from when I was younger.

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      Thanks for sharing your stories- I too went on Phentermine about 2 months ago, but I really noticed above and beyond my appetite not being so much of a struggle is the ability to focus, and my mood improved so much.

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      Hi everyone so I’ve been on phentermine for about a year for weight loss. I’ve had great results but my dr switched me to Adderall because I also have ADD. Is it as effective with weight loss? I felt good on phentermine but he said Adderall will have the same effects and just be that much more helpful because of my ADD. Thoughts? I’m not trying to balloon up now that I’m finally where I want to be with my weight loss goals.

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      I know this is an old post, but I couldn’t help myself. I have tried phertermine before, for weight loss purposes and noticed that my focus completely changed. For a long time I have struggled with attention deficit and never realized how bad it was. I live in California and have Medi-cal, the diagnosis process was excruciating and sooooo long! The therapist I was meeting with was SO hesitant to diagnose me even though all of the signs pointed to ADD. I don’t understand why some doctors are so reluctant to help. They almost make you feel ashamed for having this condition, it’s frustrating to say the least! Fast forward to 3 months ago…I found a website online called and they provide a legit, phychologist signed, adhd diagnosis. Because of covid-19, this actually made it a little easier since there were no doctors offices open. Dr. Yacoub’s offices provide online support for new and existing patients and they handle medication management. I met with an MP on video chat and she was so kind and understanding, not at all what I have experienced in the past. I am on a low dose of Adderall and I can honestly say it has made a huge difference in my performance and ability to focus. I feel so grateful to finally get the help I needed, even if I found a loophole to get it done. We have to advocate for ourselves and stop letting others decide what is good for us!

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      I just found this site out of frustration after being told my phentermine could no longer be filled after 3 months. I was taking it to fight depression because I have had it in the past and took it for 2 years with great results. like others here I felt normal with the phentermine, no excess energy but better focus and staying on task and anxiety is gone. So good to see others have felt the same. As mentioned no two of us are the same when it comes to health problems or how medicine works. I have never been seen for ADD or ADHD. To old for that to be around when I was young. I believe ADD/ADHD is a problem I have fought most of my life, but am hesitant to try as an elderly adult to seek treatment. So here i am lost and left alone!

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