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      A quick bit of background:

      I am 23 years old and I was formally diagnosed with ADHD when I was in fourth grade. At the very beginning, I was taking name-brand Concerta; however, I soon switched to taking an authorized generic. My dosage has been 54 mg since junior high. My pills have always looked (and worked) the same: red-brown cylinder shape, “alza 54” printed on them. Last month, Walgreens filled my prescription with a new version of the pill for the first time ever. It is shaped differently and has a different marking. They told me at the time that it was the same medication, just manufactured by a different company, so I thought nothing of it and took it daily as I always have.

      My current problem:

      After taking this new pill for the last month, I have noticed some definite issues. At first I just thought I was going through a temporary, post-vacation lull at work: not feeling particularly productive, finding it hard to focus, etc., and I didn’t even consider there being a problem with my pill, as I’ve been taking it for so many years with no concerns. But the issues have hung on, and I have been finding it nearly impossible to get tasks done both at work and at home in a way that resembles my habits on days where I haven’t taken a pill at all. It’s like I can actually feel my brain not focusing in an un-medicated way (if that makes sense). So when I went in to get this month’s filled, I asked for some details (they told me that previously they had filled my scripts with Actavis, and now they are using Teva) and have spent the last couple of days digging into information online to the best of my ability to discover if this is merely in my head or a legitimate problem. I have learned a lot about generic vs. authorized generic, different companies, etc. etc., but it is all very hard to decipher the pharmaceutical language at times and find some direct, practical answers I’m looking for. I *think* I have learned that Teva’s 54 mg is simply a generic rather than the alza 54 authorized generic; however, I am not sure what this means moving forward.

      So my questions are:

      Has anyone else had any issues with generic vs. authorized generics for Concerta (perhaps particularly with Teva)?
      Walgreen’s claims they do not stock the alza 54 (Actavis?) anymore. Does anyone know if any other common pharmacies do?
      Does anyone has any further insight into deciphering between brands and companies and good generics vs. bad generics?

      Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of this post! It’s my first time having any kind of issues with my medication, and although I will of course consult my doctor at the next possible chance, I really thought it would be helpful to get the input of others to see if there are any similar issues out there!

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      Penny Williams

      The issues with the COncerta generics are many. Here’s a more detailed conversation about them:

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        Hi there,

        You are not alone.

        I have spent years reporting on this topic when it was ignored (or not even known) by everyone else (and then later “lifted” from my blog).

        You’ll find comments that echo yours.

        Authorized Generic Concerta Update: 6/1/19

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