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      So, I was diagnosed with adult ADHD about 4 months ago. Two months ago, my dosage was increased to 1 30mg XR in the morning with an optional 10mg IR in the evening if needed (I work REALLY long days). Well, the 10mg is definitely necessary and this RX and dosage has worked beautifully for me. My insurance changed as of January 1st, and my most recent refill was December 31st so I was still under my old insurance. My old insurance I always had to py full cost (but I used GoodRX coupons to get the price down) because it wasn’t covered if I’m over 18 (I’m 28, they act like it’s not normal for someone my age to be diagnosed with ADHD and chronic fatigue). Well today, I had my 2 month med check and my same RX was sent electronically to CVS across from my work. I went to go pick it up to find out that they did not have my 30mg XR in stock, but they filled my 10mg IR so I just got that one for the time being. I had my doctor re-send the 30 XR to the CVS across the street from my house. I don’t get out of work till 7pm and the pharmacy closes at 8pm. I got there at around 7:35 pm to pick it up and the pharmacist was SO rude first of all, but he said “well the other cvs location still says it’s filling your script Monday when they order the medication” and I said “no, they told me they would cancel it on their end since it was sent to another location.” His response “well they didn’t so I just put it on hold. Plus we don’t even have the 30mg XR in stock either because your new insurance requires you to get brand Adderal for them to cover it. You can get generic, which I have, but that will cost you 100 dollars and I’m not filling that tonight because we close in 20 minutes and there are people behind you in line that I have to help. It’s really hard to find a pharmacy these days that carries brand adderal and 100 dollars is a lot of money so… I mean I can fill it for you, just not tonight. But 100 is a lot of money so if you want your insurance to cover it you’ll have to wait until Monday so we can order the brand for you.”

      Okay first off, this RX was transferred to your location 4 hours ago so why did I not get a call to tell me you didn’t have it? Second, I don’t have until Monday. The 10mg are for my evening dose, so I’m not trying to take those all day to get me by and then run out early. Third, thank you captain obvious, I know 100 dollars is a lot of money but do I look broke to you or something? To me 100 dollars is worth being able to function like a normal everyday functioning member of society and being able to perform the job that pays me very well. So yeah, please fill my generic rx and I’ll pay you the 100 dollars. I don’t understand though, because on my phone, the GoodRX coupon had generic listed at 64 dollars and he said that the 3 year coupon I had on file was only giving it to me at 100. What 3 year coupon? I didn’t know of that… but I showed him what my phone said and he didn’t even look at it, he was more concerned about the people behind me in line and the fact they were closing in “12 minutes” he made sure to remind me. He was counting down those minutes.

      The point of this post is I’m SO sick of being treated like a junkie because of the medication I take. I am a 28 year old woman diagnosed with not only ADHD but chronic fatigue. A MEDICAL DOCTOR sent you this prescription, and with monthly drug tests I’m obviously taking my meds and not selling them. I seriously hate the way I get treated but this is by far the worst experience I’ve had. My questions to you all are does anyone else experience this?? Also, does anyone else here use ExpressScripts and what is your experience? Do I have to go through them specifically to get brand adderall so it will be covered? I CAN pay 100 per month for generic, but I don’t want to. I’m trying to buy my first house and 100 dollars is a lot. I’m going to do it this month but with my old insurance I paid 90 dollars combined for both the 10mg and 30mg XR after the coupons. Now I have to pay 120 for both?? Someone please advise what to do. I already left a VM for my doctors medical assistant explaining what’s going on, but I’m not sure what my options will be. Thank you!!

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