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      My 6 year old takes 5mg Adderall XR. He was diagnosed a year ago in Kindergarten, but he really only had about a month in school on medication before the COVID lockdown shut down school for the rest of the year. He did great at home with us for the spring and most of the summer, and we didn’t really struggle with getting him to finish his work for the day.

      Now we’re in a new school this fall, in class 5 days a week and we just had fall parent teacher conferences. His new teacher has never seen him not medicated, but she mentioned that 4 out of 5 days a week he seems very distracted during work times and needs very frequent redirection back to work. He does take the weekends off from his meds, and there is definitely a difference between him medicated and not. He’s not experiencing any side effects from the Adderall and he does notice a difference in his brain when he’s medicated and when he’s not.

      My question is: Is the high degree of distractability a sign that the Adderall is not working for him? Should we be exploring a different dose or a different medication entirely?

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      Penny Williams

      Kids that age are naturally distractible. When you add in ADHD — treated or not — they will look distractible to teachers in comparison to other students. Medication helps but it does not completely erase symptoms. He is likely going to need consistent redirection, even if his medication is working optimally.

      Is he more distractible the first day or two of the week? When we tried no meds on weekends, every Monday and Tuesday were hell because he was trying to get used to the medication all over again.

      Now, the level of distractibility could signal that the medication or dosage isn’t optimal for him at this point. There’s just more investigation to be done before you can come to that conclusion. Work with his prescribing doc to figure this out.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      My tips to u is – get up hour early (doing schoolworks or study) – utilize a carriage and stroll around the neighborhood for 20min with ur youngster. – use Pomodoro Technique (25 min center and 5-10min breaks and rehash multiple times) – drinks water a great deal all through the day(help revive the cerebrum cause it generally make up of water). I have seen kids more focused if they think something is helping them like in your case medication but gems for kids help them focus up as well

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