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    Help!! My son has ADHD 2e/Severe anxiety (main issue)/SPD/PTSD. He is 6 years old. He desperately needs medication for his anxiety. His psychiatrist, whom we’ve only seen ONCE, said that he needs Inderal (Propanolol -spelling?) which is a beta-blocker. My son takes clonidine at night for sleep which is a beta-blocker, so I said “No, I don’t feel comfortable having him on two meds that lower his blood pressure. Can I please have some other choices” Long story short, the doctor said that if I do NOT put my son on this med for at least two weeks, he will not treat him!!!! What the heck?! Has anyone had this happen before?! Also, do you have any experience with this med being used for anxiety for children? I’ve read awful things about it and it is definitely NOT commonly prescribed for this. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone and have no idea what to do 🤦😣 (please excuse any typos,it will not allow me to see what I am typing for some odd reason?)

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    I am no expert, but Two thoughts:

    1. I did have a psychiatrist do the “You must stay on this medication for the 2 weeks and until you have done that, I will not give you anything else to try” – but I was around 17, it was depression medication (an ssri), and I had terrible side effects that made me stop at one week. She said roughly the above after I told her why I stopped taking it after 7 days. (I did get help later on from a different doctor who let me try something different, and that was wonderful)

    2. My boyfriend of 7 years has severe anxiety, also depression, ADHD, and I strongly suspect PTSD from his past. I have heard of beta-blockers from going to his appointments with him- his psychiatrist mentioned it as something that is sometimes used, but I gather it wasn’t high on her list and she would pair it with something else- if I remember right- like, it would help..but possibly not a lot. Otherwise, from his current and past lists of medication- I don’t know that he has ever tried beta blockers (from childhood to now). But he has been on some strong sedatives in the past (alprazolam, clonazepam- benzodiazepines they’re called) which were more for the worst panic attacks. He’s off both of those now though, and better for it we think.

    I’m wary of this doctor- just because of my doctor in the past. I didn’t get proper treatment for about 4-5 more years after that doctor. I was afraid I would go through the same thing again. But I gather now, most people think that doctor was unreasonable. So, keep that in mind. You ARE supposed to try a lot of these for 2 weeks to really get the full effects, just- in my case, I had feelings like bugs under my skin every day by the second day onward. So- I’d say- if it’s reasonable, listen to your doctor. If your doctor gets out of line though, find a new doctor.

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      Thank you for your response. That does actually make me feel a bit better about this doctor, and I totally understand why they want a patient to try and stick it out for two weeks. I guess what bothers me so much is that he gave us ONE med to choose from and completely dismissed my concerns about my 6 year old already being on a beta-blocker at night. I can see a doctor saying “You must give this a trial for at least two weeks” AFTER you’ve agreed upon a medication – but it was like “This is what I’m prescribing him and you need to remember that I went to medical school. Law and medical are two different fields. I can’t do your job and you can’t do mine. If you want treatment for your son, the only way I will agree to further appointments is if he takes this medication.”🤪 I mean, if that’s the norm now, that’s just sad and we’re stuck. But it felt like misuse of his “power” to me. 🤷

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    It sounds like an impatient overworked doctor who has so much on their plate that they don’t have time to stop and listen. Stairway wit would have had you say, “Shall I stop the clonidine then, while he’s on the inderal?” There is no telling if that would have worked either.

    Do you have any possible choice of child P-docs? Or are you stuck with this overworked dictatorial jerk?

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      You NAILED IT!!!! Yesterday he basically ASKED for a malpractice suit (long story) and I’ve since fired him. That entire group is a complete joke. UNFORTUNATELY, due to me putting my legal career on hold to get my son settled into this new/now old therapy group, I lost my good Insurance and had to make serious financial sacrifices as well – so my son currently has state Insurance which limits us to two groups- one that already failed him after a year and now this one 😭 After my surgery in 2 weeks, I’m getting resumes out to jump back in and start my career again. Once we have my good insurance again, we will be taking him to a private practice. In the meantime, his pediatrician can and will help if his anxiety gets to the point of NEEDING something prior to me having new insurance for him. We also might purchase a plan for him (my family has offered to pay for one until I have insurance through my career again),so we do have options. It felt SO good to fire him yesterday after what he has done 😁😁😁 Haven’t heard back yet lol 🤷

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