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      My 7 year old son has ADHD. He has been on 20mg of Metadate but developed a tic, so we have taken him off to reevaluate meds. He’s been off for about 3 weeks. During this time the school has called us everyday asking if we “have anything we can bring to the school to give him” and have even asked us to just “come get him”. Is this technically illegal? He goes to a public school. Should I file a complaint with the school board? Today was his first day on 20mg of Vyvanse and 1 mg of guanficine. He slept all day at school and I had to carry him to the car that afternoon and he continued to sleep at home. The school never sent so much as an email to let me know he was completely zonked out the entire day.

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      I can’t imagine it’s not illegal. Also who picks a career educating children and doesn’t expect to have to deal with ADHD?

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      When my oldest son was diagnosed at age 5, he started taking Ritalin. When it wasn’t working like it did at first the doctor raised his dose. He started having tics, first it was motor tics but developed into voice tics. I was going to his school two or three times a week. I showed up one day went to his classroom, there was a desk outside the class. I heard my son’s voice down the hall. I found out that he had been out there every day they were in school. I spoke to the teacher and was told the other students couldn’t do their work or learn with my son making noises in the classroom. The teacher also said that if she had another student like my son, she would retire. They ended up putting him in special education. I am a mother of 4 kids with ADHD, tourettes, ODD, I do understand the teachers side but also the students.
      At the beginning of the school year, I go and meet my kids teachers. I explain that they are ADHD and take medication. I tell them my cell number and email address and tell them if there are any problems at school. Please let me know. If there are any changes in medication or whatever I called the teacher or email them. Since then I have had no problems with the teacher or the school.

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      Dr. Eric

      They cannot prevent him from going to school for not taking his meds.

      It sounds like they are following the rule technically, but not the spirit of the rule.

      Before I go to the school board, I would go up the chain of command.

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      Penny Williams

      What Dr. Eric said, plus guanfacine can cause extreme drowsiness for a few weeks. That usually goes away. That’s the likely reason he was zonked out at school.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Before filing an official complaint, speak to your child’s teacher AND guidance counselor. Get them on board to help you and your child. Good luck!

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      Sounds like you haven’t found the right med or dosage.

      We went through four or five different meds and we’ve found that the dosage changes. My son has been on Vyvanse in the mornings with Guanfacine in the afternoons for about 9mo. It seems to be working for now, but I anticipate a change.
      Hang in there, don’t get upset with the school. You’ll find the balance; it takes lots of patience and persistence on your part.
      I work with kiddos in similar circumstances. Teachers have 28+ kids and maybe 2-3 kids with ADD/ADHD issues, kids with home issues, kids with social issues, etc – all in one class. Multiply that by the grade level, and then by the school. Most of the time, they’re doing their best to create a productive learning environment.
      Do what you can to help facilitate the best outcome – communicate on a consistent basis w the teacher (even if things seem to be going well), volunteer, exerise him in the mornings for 10 min, big breakfasts, etc.

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      They’re depreiving your son a public tax-funded education because he was born with a learning disability? That is illegal, They didn’t medically assess a very lethargic child? That is very disturbing. What if he was having a medical emergency? I would contact whatever board, state attorney general, whoever and get a lawyer. That is unacceptable in so many ways.

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      First, try the guanficine at night. Second, I would think by now that you would have established a relationship with his teacher. That is so important with a young child with adhd. Is this a new school? The year is almost over and the teacher and you are not communicating? You need to try and increase communication with the teacher, not the school board.

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      Johannes Kicken

      I might go to the school board later but first I would advise to try to meet with the principal and the teacher and take an advocate with you. I worked myself in the school system. I tried to stay calm when my son was not treated well because he was so shy, which is a lot easier than ADD. We made sure they knew we were watching.
      Having worked with kids, it is disconcerting when kids change medications and the school is not informed. However the school should have informed you and I would definitely put it in writing. You can just take a paper with you with the points you want to discus.
      This is what happened….
      I want to improve communication ….
      When would be a good time for me to observe the class?
      What are the best times for him?
      Wat are the worst times?

      Can we set up a daily communication log?
      It can be short and simple: He liked music, math was challenging. Or No comments, he had a good day.

      Does he have an IEP or a 504 plan? We had to fight for my grandson to have a 504 Plan. He needed just some accommodations, to help him communicate with peers.

      In some school systems the teachers are overwhelmed, but when it came to my kids, I could sympathize but my kid was my focus.

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      Hello – I am a School Counselor at an elementary school and work with students who are experiencing the difficulties that come with ADHD. Here are my thoughts:
      1) Know your rights, but wait to use the legality card until you have had a chance to gather all the details.
      2) Meet with the Principal first. You will likely get sent there anyway. Approach it from the perspective of better understanding of what occurred. Listen first. You might even share some of their concerns and if so, verbalize it so they recognize your understanding. THIS IS HUGE as they are more likely to support your kiddo and approach this from a team perspective.
      3) Go in with a list of your concerns.
      4) Follow up the meeting with an email restating what you heard and what you shared. KEEP THIS EMAIL.
      5) Go to the Student Services Director for support in helping your student “access his education” while meds are being adjusted.
      6) Get a medical statement from your Dr that acknowledges the diagnosis
      7) Meet with the school counselor and start the process for a 504. The accommodations should look like:
      * For the students safety, communication to the parents must occur on days he sleeps or seems “unlike himself” during periods of medication adjustment.
      * Location provided for sleep on days he is not able to stay awake. (I and the office provide this at my school)
      * Ability to access snacks and water during classroom instruction as the medication may alter his appetite. Snacks are typically provided by the family
      * Behavior Support Plan (if medication adjustment is creating behaviors are impacting his access to school. This should include the behavior, the response from staff, the response from parents, and emotional support.
      * School to provide work he has missed due to his diagnosis
      *If needed, emotional regulation training by School Counselor
      8) Try to get everything in an email for records. This means if someone calls you, follow up with an email to confirm what was said.
      9) Most of us “public school personnel” are good people. We are human too and we can make mistakes. I hope you and the school can connect as a team to make this work for you student.

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        Dr. Eric

        tiggermcmanus… so much more thorough and better stated than I.

        Ditto on a lot of this.

        It has been a while since I worked in a big district.
        90% of complaints of this nature, the District Office folks don’t know what is going on at the site level.
        A simple forwarded email with your concerns to let them know that this is going on will usually resolve the matter.
        The site gets a call telling them to knock it off, followed by a more professional email with the discussion and link to the policy, procedure, etc.

        Adding formal complaints, the school board, state department, etc. only slows things down and adds unnecessary steps.
        I always go, site leader – district leader – formal…
        Most times when you go formal, they want to know what you did prior to resolve the matter.

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