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      I finally got up the nerve to talk to someone. I had a pre screening with a psychologist. She said some things that bothered me. There is some good news but first…

      She said most people should be off meds by their 30’s. Since I’m late in my 50’s and have already figured out that I need to use my cell phone for reminders, it kind of implies that I’ve figured it all out.

      The screening was mostly the DSM questions. No, I don’t fidget. All of the answers were, well, it depends. I can focus on some things quite well and others are impossible so where does that fit into never, sometimes, often, always? I talked about how I can’t make rational decisions, and a list of other things that describes my life and that I’ve read about related to ADHD. She said my symptoms were not clear and suggested I start meeting with a psychologist. That was disappointing. If she would have said yes, it’s possible but we have to do a full eval I would have been happy. But she didn’t see anything. She spent more time talking about whether I’m addicted to drugs or alcohol then anything else.

      So I pushed a bit harder and finally she said I could talk to someone with experience in treating adult ADHD. So now I really need to figure out how to interview a doctor. Apparently it’s not enough to ask if they have experience with adults.

      I said paying for a psychologist was not in the cards for me. So she replied that she could just have my GP prescribe a stimulant, if that’s what I want. When I said there are lots of different kinds of meds her response was there are only a half dozen. I was under the impression there are at least stimulants and non stimulants, at least. I mean, is this even ethical, to have the GP prescribe meds they likely don’t understand?

      My worst fear is that I was going to get someone that just read the DSM questions and that’s what I got. I’m disappointed. And after reviewing the disappointment I’ve had my whole life getting ready for this ….

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      Penny Williams

      A psychologist or ADHD specialist is who would typically diagnose ADHD, through an evaluation. While it’s perfectly legal for a GP to prescribe ADHD medication, you do really want someone with experience with ADHD medications managing your treatment.

      Who Should Evaluate Me for Adult ADHD?

      You Think You’ve Got Adult ADHD — What to Know

      Getting off ADHD meds by 30’s is nonsense, by the way. That’s old-school thinking that ADHD is really only a disorder for children, which isn’t the case — it’s a lifetime disorder.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Author & Mentor on Parenting ADHD, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      “Getting off ADHD meds by 30’s is nonsense, by the way. …”

      Hence my disappointment. I figured it was not going to help by disagreeing with a psychologist.

      Anyway, thanks Penny.

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