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      I’m a primary school teacher. There is a boy in my class who is like hyperactive. He is 8 years old. I have been working here for quite some time and I know this boy personally. He has started acting so strangely only recently. He can get distracted very easily when listening and have difficulty when focusing. He can get bored very easily unless it’s something he enjoys. His mother and I are very good friends and even she has started complaining about this. She says he often lose items or forget about them and leaves them somewhere. He does not seem to listen when spoken to and nowadays he seems to daydream also. He has become very impatient. He constantly moves around and has trouble sitting still. He kind of have trouble in waiting for his turn, often answers quickly, talks more than others. I’m afraid he is having some kind of hyperactive disorder. His mother did take him to a friend who is a mental health care doctor. She confirmed that he is having some kind of anxiety disorder. She suggested a new therapy which is known as neurofeedback. There are only a few clinics in Toronto which provide that. Does anyone know about such clinics which offer neurofeedback therapy? What does a neurofeedback session look like? Please do leave some feedback. Thank you.

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      Penny Williams

      Here’s some information on neurofeedback:

      What Is Neurofeedback? A Game-Changing ADHD Treatment

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