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      Sam k

      I am distracted by everything around me especially in cafes, restaurants, open plan spaces and while shopping. I am sensitive to all the noise

      I fidget all the time and get bored easily

      I can’t concentrate when someone is talking to me and zone in and out of conversations, I’m the same when driving(if music is on it’s worse), watching tv etc

      Reading is a nightmare, I have to read a single page over and over as it doesn’t sink in.

      Writing isn’t any easier as I can’t Get my thoughts in order.

      Sometimes I become so engrossed in my thoughts or an activity I can’t snap out of it when day one of the kids is talking to me

      I am forever misplacing my phone and keys

      I pace all over the house while daydreaming and acting out emotions etc. I pace even when I’m not supposed to eg when I am sitting down for a meal I will suddenly get up and leave mid meal , go for a wander then come back and sit down. Or when I sit down to watch a movie with the kids I get up and start pacing around

      I am extremely impatient, I hate queuing , waiting in traffic, even waiting my turn to speak

      I find my self becoming intrusive and overly familiar with clients and also giving too much away about myself

      I can’t seem to get organised and I procrastinate

      I can be quite rude to people usually over a perceived slight

      Certain smells make me extremely nauseous, for example perfumes and other artificial scents

      I talk out loud to myself, full blown conversations by myself (maladaptive daydreaming) when I am in company I can have very little to say (my world usually continues Inside my head, or I will go to my room and continue to talk to myself) .

      In the past I have forgotten to pick up the kids from school

      If someone asks me to do something I somehow forget

      My desk is so cluttered, I can’t get round to sifting through all the bits of paper

      I tend to get angry over things like clients turning up late for treatments, or people popping round out of the blue , I am so easily stressed nd frustrated by normal everyday things

      Criticism can provoke an angry reaction from me, anger, rage, jealousy are my main emotions, I feel little happiness. I also have terrible bouts of depression

      I have very low self esteem, poor body image and can feel inferior to others

      My peers have gotten way ahead of me career wise, I am self employed and don’t earn much, I would love to work full time and have a decent salary but with all this going on with me it’s just a distant dream

      I can’t recall important events from my past such as marriage, births etc

      I can never relax on holiday, in the past I struggled to get comfortable in the workplace

      I had very public confrontations with fellow students, tutors and colleagues in the past

      I don’t like criticism or compliments for that matter , it just doesn’t register with me if someone gives me a compliment

      I unfriend people on social media, add them back then unfriend them, I delete my business page then start up again, I have very few people following me as a result (done this on so many occasions)

      Two of my friends have completely cut me out of their lives, they have literally blocked me on their phones and media because of my behaviour

      I can be uncomfortable even with people I know, around strangers I am often ill at ease

      I can feel lost in familiar surroundings, being in a strange place can make me feel disorientated

      I am a home body , work from home too, as much as I would like to get out there and live my life, I can’t

      I only interact with people when I have to, don’t have a social life, tend to avoid people,

      I think I read people better/ differently to non ADHD people , I can read micro expressions and can sense if someone either doesn’t like me /respect me

      I find I get picked on and experience condescending behaviour which can provoke a hostile reaction from me

      I have struggled throughout my personal, academic and work life just to fit in

      I start courses and drop out sometimes I go back and get drop out again

      I start projects and can’t finsih them

      This is hell I have been like this all my life and think I have gotten worse I am nearly 40 now

      All of the above is what I deal with on a daily basis

      I have had a diagnosis for chronic depression and paranoid personality disorder too . I think I am going down the wrong route, my problem isn’t psychiatric, I think it’s neurological

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      Maybe take one of the ADHD quizzes?
      I did it and it really helped. Print this list out and take it to your GP too.

      I found I coped by default by myself but after having a family I struggled to be all the things a woman ‘should’ be. This brought me here too.

      Good luck

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      Sam k

      I had a look at several selftests on here and I ticked a lot of boxes. I’m almost afraid to speak to the doctor about it

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      Penny Williams

      It certainly could be, but the only way to know is to be evaluated by an ADHD specialist.

      Who Should Evaluate Me for Adult ADHD?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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