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      [warning: contains cannabis references]

      👋 Can anybody else relate to this?

      …When I smoke herb 🌿, after the initial high is over and after I’ve finished being introspective. I’m able to just be normal without any ADHD symptoms! I’m able to reflect on things from a “normal” perspective. Things start making sense in my life – “so thats why Tom is being cold with me, it’s because I ….” it’s like I have this huge ego that I put on to hide my insecurities and it’s as if I’m able to lower the ego and see things for what they really are.

      I’m wondering if this is the result of being slightly high or if it’s related more to the lowering of the ADHD symptoms.

      What do you guys think?

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      Well, it is common that marijuana allows your mind to focus on things from a new perspective and reduces the extraneous and unimportant stuff in your brain, “opening” your mind. I’ve begun recently medicating with it and it helps me too! You might be holding a lot in and keeping your brain ‘stiff’ in its habits in order to cope and weed reduces this anxiety. With the anxiety gone, you can see other options, possibilities because you’re thinking and observing from a more objective state. That’s why you have these revelations and clarity. That is the oft-noted effect of marijuana.

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      Dr. Eric

      Don’t go by how you feel. Go by how productive you actually are.

      Some of my most inattentive moments don’t feel inattentive to me.

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