Is there a YouTube Channel or the like that "names it" for ADHD kids

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      Hi there. As an adult with (ADHD)… Inattentive type, I’ve had all the struggles which one expects. It was after my 7 year old son’s diagnosis that I got diagnosed. Obviously as a mother I’ve been doing my best to help my son navigate this journey…at some times with more success that others. He too has substantial difficulties, not least social difficulties and all the problems with executive functions and focus that come with ADHD.
      For me, I have found some YouTube channels, in particular those that deal with my type of ADHD (inattentive), to be extremely helpful…… (As has Additude). They “Name It”, and help you understand in some way the feelings/ emotions/ difficulties you may have had all through your life…when you felt a “failure”, or “lazy”, or like an impostor. ….. but these are done by adults for adults. Is there such a channel that exists for kids….explains it all in a child friendly way…..perhaps even done by a child, giving examples of how they overcame or deal with their difficulties. Or a channel thats done by an adult for kids.
      Thank you….any recommendations are appreciated (if that’s allowed?)

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      My daughter is 14, so older, but she really enjoys most of the videos on How to ADHD. I usually watch them 1st and send them to her if I think she would be interested. The animation/pace of the videos keep her engaged.

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