Is it unethical to call out for adhd symptoms?

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    So I have adhd and I’m way more hyperactive than inattentive, I’m taking medication but I still face some issues here and there. I have a problem with insomnia, and I intend on telling my psychiatrist in hopes of getting some sleep medication to help me get enough sleep. Last night I got no sleep at all, I tried but my mind was just going 100 mph. My place of work is about an hour away from my house, and i was painfully tired by the time I was supposed to leave this morning. No sleep plus a long drive for me is a bad omen, It’s easy for me to dose off when I’m on the highway for so long, so I felt it was just unsafe to make the drive and I called out. I know it’s important to think of yourself and your safety first but I can’t help but feel like it’s unethical to call out due to an issue that most people go through on a daily basis, new parents are kept up all night but still pull themselves together enough to go to work everyday, it just makes me feel like I’m babying my own needs.

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    It’s not about other people and what they do or don’t do. It’s about knowing yourself and knowing your limits. Mental health and physical health are just as important. If you didn’t feel safe to drive or go in then trust yourself that you made a good call. I don’t think it’s unethical. It doesn’t sound like you were trying to get away with anything or manipulate anything. You did what you could for you based on the information you had and how you were feeling. Be kind to yourself.

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