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      Hi Everyone,
      I’m in a bit of a pickle and need some advice on getting a diagnosis. I’m a 25 year old female in my first semester of graduate school and really struggling with school and social life due to ADHD symptoms. I’ve never been formally diagnosed and believe I was misdiagnosed with depression as a teenager (my understanding is that girls often go under the radar with ADHD). Anyway, I really really need some help and feel like a diagnosis could change my life and without it I won’t be able to make it through school. The psychology center at my University does screenings and gives diagnoses so I tried to make an appointment only to find that my insurance (student insurance) won’t cover adhd screenings, and without it the process costs about $1300 which I definitely can’t afford. So what now? I’ve heard of getting a diagnosis from a GP or family doctor but I don’t have one of those since I’m a healthy young person so I don’t think I could just walk into their office for the first time and ask for help.

      Something that I tried which is most likely a waste of money is this: I paid $99 to take an in-depth survey and a psychiatrist registered in my state reviewed it and gave me a diagnosis. They sent me the adhd assessment along with a “provider assessment and plan” from the psychiatrist saying that I have mild ADHD. The site claims that this counts as a diagnosis and that I could take it to a doctor and get treatment/take it to my University and get extra time on exams but I’m not so sure. I know it was probably a really dumb thing to do and a waste of money but I’m desperate at this point.

      Does anyone have any ideas or similar experiences? Thank you in advance!

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