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      I seriously need to vent! So my son’s short acting stimulant wasn’t working for him. So I research and find some co-pay assistance programs for extended releases stimulants, since literally ALL extended release stimulants are Tier 3 or above on my son’s insurance. I take him to the doctor and already feel horrible enough having to explain why I can only afford these certain stimulants that I found co-pay assistance cards with. Doc prescribes one.

      Well guess what?!?!?! My son’s insurance has a penalty if you pick a name brand over the generic. And they have put all generics in the same tier as the name brand. So the co-pay assistance programs are absolutely no good. The penalty is that I have to pay the price difference between the generic and the name brand, which in this case was a $200 difference + the co-pay.

      Qualify for state program assistance – Nope. Qualify for the drug makers prescription assistance program – Nope. Help with the co-pays – NOPE! Now I’m left with finding yet another thing to cut from our monthly budget so that I can afford the co-pay on the generic. Already made cuts when our premiums doubled at the beginning of the year. There’s less and less left to cut. Getting quality, affordable prescription coverage really shouldn’t be this hard.

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      I feel like what we’re paing for stimulants is starting to rival a mortgage payment! Most of meds just flat out aren’t covered at all- brand or generic. We’re running out of affordable options. It’s just not right!!

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