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      How many years do you take medication for ADHD that everyone will prescribe .. and what side effects you have experienced after all these years ..
      And do you mean to take it all your life?
      Because adhd is a lifelong problem.
      English not my language.

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      I won’t take meds I’m looking for a behavioral therapist instead

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      Hi! I recommend you read this book, it was the first one my dr told me about when I first got diagnosed, 5 years ago, it’s called Driven to Distraction.

      Re: your questions, how many years you take medication depends on you and your decision, consult with your psychiatrist, because you may need to try a few different types before you find your best fit.

      I haven’t had any side effects other than loss of appetite for the first month or two of taking Concerta, now I’m on Elvanse.

      ADHD/ADD is a lifelong “Problem” but, therapy can help you deal with all the issues that came unnoticed until I got diagnosed with ADD, specifically anxiety and low self-esteem, I tried behavioural cognitive therapy and it worked wonders! Also, keep in mind that there are wonderful things that come with this diagnosis, like hyper focus, sensitivity and a sense of humour.

      Good luck!

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