Insensitive but Sensitive???

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      Hello, I have ADHD, in America it’s called add right?? Anyway I flinch really easily and get impulsively overactive when a sudden thing comes near me, but with my mental sensitivity I never get offended unless it’s about me lmao I watch and enjoy the most dark of jokes and with the classic adhd symptoms I be annoying and make jokes like I did earlier, I said “Hitler crested the internet, we wouldn’t be the civilisation we were without him” My uncles girlfriend got really offended And everything I do annoys her, idk if I’m normal after this experience. Please help! (Also I may have aspergers but not confirmed)

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      Hello! I have ADHD too but almost the exact opposite symptoms. I get really offended by what people say but not I’m not botherd my physical surroundings. Everyone’s symptoms can manifest differently, so you are normal. And regarding your sense of humour, different people find different things funny so don’t be too concerned and remember not everything is controlled by your ADHD (I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with this). I hope this is helpful!

      Ps, There is actually a difference between people with ADD and ADHD but it’s ok if you didn’t know, they can be easily confused

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