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    When my 5year old gets hurt at school, she won’t tell tell her teacher that she got hurt or how it happened. Then when she gets home and tells me she got hurt. When I try to ask her questions about what happened, i have a hard time getting straight answers out of her. She also won’t go to a teacher for help when other student steal her stuff and refuse to give it back. Then she comes home upset because the other kid took something of hers. How do I help her?

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    Penny Williams

    How to proceed really depends on WHY she won’t report these things to the teacher. Does she feel like she’s tattling? Does she think the other students will retaliate? Does she just want to be their friend? Is she worried she will be the one to get into trouble? Maybe the teacher doesn’t take her concerns seriously?

    Kids with ADHD are usually behind in communication and self-awareness skills, which could both be at play here.

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