Increase in dosage/increase in behavior issues?

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      Our son is almost 11 and has been taking Ritalin LA 20 mg since he was 6. Last week we upped his dosage to 30 mg, but we also had to go with a generic instead of the Ritalin brand.

      We haven’t seen much difference either way at home, but at school we just got a call that he was out of control, and his teacher said that he has been more hyperactive and impulsive since last week.

      Have you seen this with an increase in dosage? Or could it be the generic?

      We moved countries two moths ago (from Mexico to the US) and he’s been VERY happy here, but he has always had a much harder time controlling himself when anxious/excited/around lots of other kids. His class-size is larger here, and of course, everything is different.

      We have a meeting with the school’s team in two days.

      Does anyone have any suggestions for us? Thanks.

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      Penny Williams

      It could be the generic, the increased dosage, or both. I would talk to the prescribing doctor and ask to either decrease on the new generic, or get a script for brand name in the new dosage. You have to eliminate one of the changed variables so you can determine if it’s the generic or the dosage. Also, could be just a bad day.

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      Thanks. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for brand name.

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      I agree with Penny. It is hard to say what is what since a couple of things changed at the same time. Talk with the doctor and the insurance company about an appeal to get the brand name covered. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but worth a shot. Also, we have used GoodRX in the past to get discounts on medications that aren’t covered by insurance. Good luck.

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