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      Hi all!

      New member here but have been diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD for about 10 years.

      I’m currently not on meds, as the ones I’ve tried (Ritalin, Modafinil) tend to flair up my anxiety. I have avoidant behaviours too so those drugs in some ways made it harder for me to get things done.

      I wanted to ask you guys for some advice about ‘checking out’. It’s like my brain just wants to shut down at really crucial times. For example, if I’m working through something difficult it’s like I can feel myself getting tired – like my body is shutting down to escape the situation. I just want to nap. And there’s all this guilt and shame that comes along with that. Is this a common thing with inattentive ADHD? Or perhaps it’s something more related to my anxiety? It makes it really hard to better myself, and it feels like every time I even try to start something my body is working against me by just, you now, checking out.

      Any advice or info would be much appreciated!

      (Also PS Pilates has been a godsend for me!)

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      I’ve definitely heard of this as an ADHD phenomenon. I find it extremely hard to focus on boring tasks. Today I just gave up on my plans to sort some piles of stuff out in my room, although I managed to get back to it a little later on. I think it’s just a question of setting time limits – if you have a watch or phone you can set for 15 minutes it’s good. Then just do the best you can to stick at it for that time, see it as a challenge maybe.

      I was thinking today that exercise and tidying are two things which feel painful at the time but good afterwards 🙂 Well for me exercise is fun as well as painful, but there’s often a bit in a workout where I think ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’

      If you can have some fun activities to break up the horrible ones I think that’s good. Treat yourself somehow.

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      I’d say yes. I’ve just been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and been struggling exactly as you describe…avoiding, having anxiety, and feeling so exhausted that I’ll crash and crawl in bed to shut out the situation. It makes no sense because putting off what I need to do just creates more anxiety. Then, the guilt, shame and frustration that I can’t ever get my act together. I’m being told that the meds will dramatically help with it all including the anxiety. But I’m in the early stage of finding the right med. I hear that everyone is different and just needs to keep getting tho find the right one for them. There are lots of options now. If you read more on this site, you’ll probably get encouraged to find a good therapist and try again.

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      What you are going through is a very common symptom of ADHD. I personally face it everyday and it can be quite annoying. The two comments above seem to really answer your post so I just wanted to mention a quick comment. I also had severe anxiety and the two medications you mention in your post also flared up my anxiety. Only I didn’t figure out the cause of it for years. It might be beneficial to try Adderall. I have been on Adderall for over 6 months now and I don’t experience any anxiety which is beyond a miracle. So, it might be worth a try.
      Good luck!

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