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      I am wondering if there’s any type of person/service that comes into your home to help parents do a better job of parenting their ADHD child(ren)? Somebody that can SEE what we’re doing or what we’re not doing that could make a difference. My husband and I have two ADHD kids – 8 YO girl and 6 YO boy – and we’ve had these diagnosis’s for about 2 years now. They are medicated and we see the psychologist about once or twice a month. But our psych doesn’t make house calls 😉 and I don’t feel it’s enough. I’ve contacted an ADHD coach but did not realize they are more like life coaches and they typically work virtually. We need help managing these two kids, their special natures, and our reactions to them.

      Have you ever had an experience where someone comes into your home that could also help us? What is this service called and how do I find it? I am going to our local chapter of CHADD and hoping someone might have some info for me there, too. Please respond if you’ve had this experience. Thanks for sharing!

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      I wish I had an answer for you. I just had to say I used to wish for someone to come up with a show like The Supernanny that was specific to kids/families with ADHD. I used to joke with our own therapist to stay with us for a week and that I would pay her any amount I was just so desperate (but I really wasn’t joking) !

      I did bring a video of one particular incident that happened with my son to her and that was helpful. Sometimes it’s so hard to explain and remember correctly all that happens. That’s the best suggestion I can give you. I really hope you find someone.

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      That is the business I have always dreamed of starting! So surely someone is already doing it? Where are you located? A wholistic “all facets of life” on the ground coaching approach
      It’s being with the people dealing with the situation that’s missing

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      Hi, it sounds like you are looking for PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy). I only know this because I am currently trying to set up the same service for my family as recommended by my sister (she is a psychologist). A trained therapist comes in, observes interactions, makes recommendations, and provides strategies. This is not a cheap service by any means but in some rare cases, insurance may cover. I would contact your insurance company, pediatrician, psychologist, and/or school support team to see if they could recommend someone. I hope this information helps!

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      Penny Williams

      Most parent coaches work with parents over the phone or video call. I’m sure there are some that would travel to your home for a few days and do in-home work with you (speaking for myself, I would but travel would need to be covered). If you google parent coaches you’re likely to find someone — just be sure they specialize in ADHD.

      The only therapy I know of that goes into your home is ABA, typically used for autism and I’m not a fan. I prefer looking at behavior as communication and implementing parenting approaches that are effective and helpful. Our kids need to learn problem solving skills and self-regulation more than how to comply with a strict set of rules.

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      You can search for academic coaching

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      We have an in-home parenting coach through

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      Yes, there are these In-home parent coaches. You can find them online or even in your locality.

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