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    Ive been prescribed concerta the last 2 months or so increasing the dosage every week. I got up to 54mg a day and noticed it actually increased my lasting time in bed. Then just this past week my prescription got changed to 72mg and since this I have been having ED (Erectile Dysfunction) whenever im on the pill. It isn’t isnt the dosage amount because when i was prescribed 54mg there was a time I took 2 in a day (I know thats now recommended) because work was extremely busy that day and I performed that night as usual so im wondering why this new prescription has caused this problem out of nowhere. Im going to ask my doctor when i see him next week just seeing if anyone has any information on it since I don’t want to spend the next week not taking my pill any day I intend on having sex that night.

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    curios, I was on strattera and experienced massive sex drive. perhaps you belong to those 10 percent. increased dopamine doesnt work for your sex drive.

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    Just FYI this is common when upping dosages on stimulants, google “stim dick” and sometimes it can just be random.

    There were times back when i used to abuse illicit drugs that I could take cocaine and have sex all night. Other times I was just completely useless and nothing would help me.

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