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      This is my first go around with vyvanse.I have tried a few different doses.lower dose works ok, but next dose has turned me into a crying fool. It really does nothing for my focus. I feel so much more emotional. I feel very forgetful with daily tasks. It definitely causes more sweating. Overall I feel like it is increasing my depression,anxiety,and irritability. I’m going to speak with my provider about possible changes to new RX. What other meds have been tried with success and have worked great for others? I feel
      like I am pretty lost without something to help??

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      Penny Williams

      There are two types of stimulants: amphetamine (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…) and methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta, Quillivant…). Almost everyone does well on one type or the other, but not both.You may not be able to tolerate amphetamine-based medications.

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      I started on Methylphenidate SA.
      Trialed Vyvanse when my Psychiatrist suggested it, started on 50mg (mid dose) despite being on 80mg (max Australian dose) of methylphenidate.

      50mg Vyvanse was terrible.

      Tried 70mg Vyvanse, was much better but as the doctor and I discussed I probably need a dose higher than the max so I’m stuck with short acting methylphenidate due to only recently being diagnosed as an adult.

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