I’m starting college and I have no idea what I’m doing

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      I’m starting college in the fall. I have a lot of questions and concerns, but the biggest one right now is dealing with social issues. I’ve made some friends already via group chats and things, but I’m worried that my friends will get annoyed with me, especially my roommates. Also how can I approach people and make friends irl? Is there anything else I should know about the social/dating side of college?

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      Joining study groups or telling people you are starting a study group is a great way to learn the ccourse content, get feedback from classmates & make friends.
      I made a habit of introducing myself to the people I sat next to & I always sat up front. More extroverted people & generally more serious students sit up front in my experience. Which helped me concentrate on the teacher & meeting more talkative people. Which I needed since I have always been more introverted, but more so the first year or two of college(I attended college from ages 18-23, attended the Army Nurses Course for almost 2 years, then went back to college the last time from age 28-32.)
      I also went to the gym every day & looked for workout partners who tended to workout at the same time as well.
      When I ate in the cafeteria for meals I would always sit a seat down from a group of people at a table. I often got invited to move down & join the conversation. After awhile, I always had people I knew eating around the same time & some of them I’d end up hanging out with after getting to know them.
      I also tend to be drawn to charismatic people who seem to make friends more easily than I do. Making friends with their friends was definitely the main way I met people I became friends with or would go out on dates with.
      But finding friends taking the same classes & with the same major really helped my grades, as well as increased my enjoyment of the whole college experience. Obviously I attended more college than the average person, so I got to make lots of mistakes & find ways to succeed.
      When I am teaching my students something new, I always emphasize repetition & practice. I ask them the question, “do you know the difference between my skill level at a given technique & yours?

      I have failed more times than you have ever even tried. ”
      Good luck to you 🙂

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      Penny Williams

      Look for people with similar interests. If you’re already starting classes in your field of study (If you know what you’re majoring in already), that helps you to be around some like-minded people. There are hundreds of clubs and activities at most universities. Find something you’re interested in and that will help to ease the social anxiety of meeting new people.

      Here’s a freshman survival guide for students with ADHD too:

      The College Try: A Freshman Survival Guide

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