I'm off my meds and feel fine. Is something wrong?

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    Have been treated for major depressive disorder and ADHD for many years – 25 years for depression and 15 for ADHD. I went off one of my depression meds (Prozac) almost 6 months ago and started feeling much better. Went through some very stressful months (actually a culmination of 6 years relating to the aftermath of my mother’s death – long story). Started to feel VERY anxious, getting only 4 hours of sleep all of a sudden for weeks. Talked to my psychiatrist and he agreed to lower my Concerta from 36mg daily to 27mg. Was also taking 10mg immediate release in the morning because I was experiencing a morning slump and wasn’t gettin anything done – it worked well.

    Went off my Concerta entirely for over a week before getting the new Rx for Concerta 27 mg, felt better and never started on the lower dose. It has been about 8 weeks now and I am only taking the immediate release 10mg daily in the morning.

    NEVER in the past 15 years have I ever gone off this med. Can anyone explain why I have been fine without this higher, extended release for these past several weeks? Has anyone experienced this?

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    Penny Williams

    Could it be the reduced demands from mostly staying at home (unless you’re an essential worker)?

    Because you were on a combination of medications and adjusted more than one, that could be the reason also.

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