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      I Have medical insurance but my deductibles too high and I can’t afford it I’ve tried several times times through the county resources but they tend to Dismiss the symptoms tell me not to believe everything online and don’t seem to want to help it’s very discouraging. I’ve been going through this for years. The closest I’ve gotten to diagnosis was to travel 30 miles away to the Mayo clinic and the best they could do was tell me that I might be bipolar but they couldn’t refer me to a doctor that would be covered under there program because I didn’t live in that county. I am getting tired of everyone trying to get me to turn my life around and im trying my hardest and keep shutting down becomming to overwhelmed. I need help

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      I’m sorry you are having such a hard time, you are far from alone.

      I was fortunate in that I was diagnosed as a kid and now as an adult they’ve taken my word for it. I have high deductible insurance but my mental health provider is very good at working with the insurance. It took me some time to find them though and a couple false starts as well as people being obtuse about what I thought were straightforward questions.

      I wish I had concrete ideas for you, I have a couple of weak ideas in terms of talking to them about your issues, like perhaps printing some of the questionnaires on here and talking with a doctor or therapist about your answers to the questions. The trouble of course is getting the appointment and paying for it in the first place.

      How do you respond to caffeine? Is it helpful or does it scatter you more?

      Have you tried the fish oil supplements? They help me just a little, I noticed their absence when I ha to stop taking them for a procedure, even though on a day to day basis they don’t seem like much.

      I guess I didn’t want your thread to go unanswered because that feels so discouraging!

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      I dont take any supplements cant really afford them and caffeine Doesn’t have the effect on me that it does my family they have 1 cup and are good for the whole day.. I have 3 cups and I could go back to sleep… It takes me forever to wake up. It’s funny cause for the longest time my mom couldn’t understand why Her and I couldn’t have a conversation without me getting upset she always said that I possibly had some sort of chemical imbalance now that I have some answers she does wanna hear them says its my problem that’s what hurts the most

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      I had similar problems. I had the “gate keeper” Dr laugh at me for suggesting I might be ADHD because I’m neither fidgity nor addicted to drugs or alcohol (also, the “goal” is, as she told me, is to get off of any medication as we grow out of it). What worked for me was talking to my GP. He gave me a one page symptom test to fill out, said I’m not hyperactive but certainly am inattentive, and gave me a prescription for a non stimulant. Between that and coffee I can get a lot done and love my family the way I always wanted to.

      While this may not be the best approach to medicine it’s working for me. The point being a GP can prescribe medication and my understanding of ADHD is the best test for it is whether the medication works. Given your insurance situation, this might help.

      Best of luck

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