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      15 yo DD took Adderall a few years ago and hated it (it helped with focus but had bad side effects). Recently she asked to try ADD meds again so her doctor put her on Concerta (eventually up to 54 mg). It had no side effects (yay) but also no improvement of her ADD symptoms. We did a med switch yesterday. She asked to switch to a medication in the same class because she’s worried about side effects, so she was prescribed 20 mg Ritalin. The generic for Ritalin is identical to the generic for Concerta, so am I correct in assuming that, except for helping her feel heard and honoring her request to try, this is all a giant waste of time? I assume that at the next med check (Monday) we’ll be trying Vyvanse.

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      I believe that Concerta and Ritalin are the same medication just in different forms. They are both forms of methylphenidate, so you should have the same reaction to both. However, some people are known to have different reactions to each of the medicines. I would definitely try Vyvanse next.

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      Penny Williams

      While both are methylphenidates, they are different in formulation and time-release mechanism, so worth trying. If she had a horrible experience on Adderall she may very well experience the same on Vyvanse, since they’re both the same type, or she might do well on it. Impossible to know without trying.

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