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      My son is 7 and has been taking Strattera for over 6 months now. It has been great in that it doesn’t give him side effects like the stimulant before he was taking, but our main problem is getting it in him! We discovered early on that it has a not so pleasant taste and have been struggling to get him to take it as he hasn’t been able to swallow a pill yet. Every morning we either put it in peanut butter and spread it on toast or mix it in chocolate milk and for him it gets really old. My question to fellow parents out there is if anyone else has had this problem and has another food that mixes well with it?? Also, we have tried the tic tac method of getting him to swallow a pill and unlike tic tacs he cant handle having it in his mouth too long. Are there any other expert methods to get a kid to swallow a pill?? I feel so bad making him have the same thing every day, but I’m out of ideas! Any suggestions would be great – thanks 🙂

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      How does your son feel about bean and cheese burritos? That was my mom’s go-to when she needed to sneak meds into any of us kids. I myself am not a parent — but I did take Strattera from 3rd grade until college (when it got horrendously expensive) and I agree, it’s nasty. I didn’t have much difficulty swallowing pills, so any sugary / strongly flavored beverage (such as juice — anything but water!) would do… chocolate milk was one of my favorites too ^_^

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      I have parent with similar issues who open the capsule and pour into a drink. She says he gets about 90 % of it.

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      Penny Williams

      Using a straw helped us teach our son (then 6) to swallow pills right down. It has something to do with the shape the mouth makes with a straw and sucking.

      Here are some more strategies to try too. Ultimately, getting him to swallow pills would make life easier for all it sounds like.

      When Your Child Can’t (or Won’t) Swallow the Pill

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