I went and got tested but I have no idea if I have ADHD or not

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      I always suspected there was something wrong but thought it was just me. I was in a job that was not very demanding and I managed to cope just fine except for constantly missing deadlines. End of last year i got a new manager who was super demanding and tripled my workload and everything fell apart. I ended up seeing psychiatrist who suggested ADHD might be an issue and put me on Concerta.

      I decided to go get tested, for my own benefit as well as for work purposes. My whole life I’ve been told I was lazy and that I should work harder. The word “lazy” has such a negative connotation for me that I would rather be labelled stupid. Anyway I got tested but they didnt tell me on which days they would be testing what or that I should not take the Concerta on those days.

      Anyway the summary of the report is:
      “There was a possible indication of mild dyslexia, Mr Muller displayed mild spelling difficulties and his reading speed was slow. Information obtained from patient and his wife is highly suggestive of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder but these symptoms appear to be well controlled at present with Concerta.”

      I’m on Ritalin now but that is neither here nor there.

      Neither the psychologist that tested me nor the psychiatrist that is treating me are giving me clear answers as to whether or not I actually have ADHD. All they told me is that it is very difficult to diagnose ADHD in an adult (I’m 44) so this is the best they cab do.

      I can get assistance from work but only with a diagnosis. Plus the “here are meds, you’ll be ok” approach doesn’t work for me because it doesn’t fix my poor organisational skills or my inability to prioritize or meet deadlines. It just makes me better at focusing.

      So, after all that, I’m still in the dark.

      What do I do now?

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      Penny Williams

      Ask the psychologist who wrote the report what you need to do next to get a clear diagnosis. Usually, the diagnosis is given in these reports, when it’s present.

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