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      The medication Adderall is helping but the side effect of loss of appetite has really hit hard
      I have been taking it for two weeks and I’m forcing myself to eat something around 2,3,or 4 pm
      What can I do??? Please help

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      Penny Williams

      Try the suggestions in this article:

      ADHD Medication Side Effects That No One Should Tolerate

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      The same thing happens to me, I have lost quite a bit of weight because of these pills. I find that once I take them I feel like my body rejects food, making it difficult to even chew and swallow my food without gagging.
      Some practices I try to maintain is eating as soon as I get up and then taking my medication, bringing a light snack such as an apple to work and I force myself to eat it, and then by the time I get home my body usually starts to get hungry.

      Something else that really helped me was thick liquids. My problem is the gagging/ body not accepting the food so I would drink a V8 juice or fruit smoothie so I didnt have to chew it and my body wouldnt react. Thick liquids have more nutrients in them than just water or juice does too.

      I hope my experiences can help you with yours. You are definitely not alone about the loss of appetite, I struggle with this on a day to day basis.

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      I take adderall too and had a similar experience. I will say most of my negative symptoms greatly improved as time went on (a month or so). I still don’t get real hungry, BUT I am no longer experiencing food aversion and am able to eat at regular mealtimes (if I remember to).

      I got up to 20mg and started having really invasive negative side effects (mostly severe restless leg syndrome) that went away when I went back to 15mg, so you might try going down on your prescription if time doesn’t help your side effects. Good luck!

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