I was given Alvogen Adderall this time?

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      Same I hate it, the taste is disgusting and disintegrates the second it touches a liquid. I just chocked on it rushing to swallow it before I could taste it. I also don’t feel like it is working as well as it used to when I got BARR, my pharmacy better switch back soon.

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      I have the same experience with Alvogen Adderall! I was given this instead of the usual manufacturer Teva by my pharmacy. I called today to see if they will fill my Rx with that same brand and they said yes. I will go to another pharmacy.

      It does NOT work for me. I can take an Alvogen Adderall tablet and instead of helping me to focus it makes me feel as though I need a nap!

      In my opinion, based on my experience Teva is the best brand.

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