I was actually held back two years.

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      I have mixed emotions about it, on one hand I’m very upset because of the fact that I was held back twice because of undiagnosed A.D.D. as a child.
      My parents were furious each time, because of high aptitude test scores they couldn’t understand why I was failing (should have been a red flag something was wrong).
      On the other hand, one time I was doing some cleaning and found my old yearbooks, two were from seventh grade (one of the grades I had to repeat) and I had a though and did a little research and the math, at the time I was quite livid, I still get very angry when I think about it.
      My parents started me in school TWO YEARS EARLY! ugh! And before anyone says schools won’t let you do that, well, my parents were good friends with the administration, at the time my mother worked at the school and my father was best friends with the superintendent.
      My mother totally avoids the subject when I bring it up, guess they talked him into it to avoid paying for daycare.
      If I didn’t get held back, I would have been the only senior in my high school having to ride the bus to and from school.
      Did they think I wasn’t going to be bullied for any number of reasons?
      Yeah if things would have worked out it would have been kinda cool to be the youngest to graduate from my high school, as it stands all I have is nothing but bad memories of school and absolutely no desire to go to any class reunions EVER!
      Well just wanted to vent a little, only problem is it didn’t help, if anything, I’m more upset now than when I started, because of bringing up bad memories.

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