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      I believe I have forgetfulness in my life because there’s things that I didn’t know that makes me pace the floor a lot. I was diagnosed as adhd at age 5 and disabled in my childhood. I was in special education classes on all my life and I used to take retalin till I graduated with a certificate of attendance. Adhd doesn’t go away still, there’s more to say.

      I didn’t know I have a learning disorder with my adhd? Is it really my forgetfulness that’s kicking in. SS told me that I have a learning disorder and I don’t think my adhd is that. And also I dont remember who the doctor was that diagnosed me a learning disorder. Memory problems I have?

      And now it’s been 7 years that I’m seeing a psychiatrist and really being an adult of going to doctor visits just made me feel not special.
      I got diagnosed for schizoaffective disorder from my doctor but never got treatment for adhd in my adulthood.

      My mom trying to save my life because I think my adhd is making me worst. I force things to happen and then later it makes me pacing the floor. My current doctor doesn’t even have my old medical records(I really don’t know what medical records do. Doesn’t mean I’m not disabled). In which I forget important things in my life and now I don’t think I’ll make it this far. I have 1 friend that I known for 18 years and he told me that I’ll be alright. I don’t know to be honest on that.

      I did told my current doctor that I had paranoia in my childhood and hearing not voices but hearing crying mammals. I also had a visual hallucination in my childhood I totally remember that day. But if I remember those events in my childhood, why do I still have forgetfulness in my life and it could destroy me.

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      Hi Tamoshin85. you are doing the best thing, which is reaching out for help. People here will respond, but I think you ought to talk to your doctor as well. I don’t think ADHD is destroying your life. But I do think you ought to schedule a new visit with your doctor. Tell him I replied to you on line. I am a psychiatrist myself. My name is Ned Hallowell. I am sure if you stay in touch with your doctor, you can steady yourself and start to feel better. Good luck.

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        Ok and thanks. I’ll tell her about you.

        It’s just complicated. I lost my girlfriend, my disability could get terminated, and more.

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        Penny Williams

        Take it one step at a time and focus on only the things you can change. Put everything else on the back burner — you need to work through your feelings about those things, but work on what you can improve first. It sounds like your disability getting terminated might be the most pressing thing right now. Work with your case manager on what you can do to ensure that it is continued.

        Definitely talk with your doctor in great detail about what you shared here. Some experiences you described are not necessarily symptoms of ADHD.

        Life is complicated for everyone, just in different ways. You can do better than you feel today — just reach out to those in your life and your support system and ask for help.

        ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      I agree with Dr. Hallowell, you’re taking a good first step by knowing about this website and writing in. Do you trust your doctor to share everything you’ve written about here? If you do, please bring it up. If you’re scared to tell him with words, maybe write it down instead or ask someone you trust to help write it for you.

      Nurse Practitioner, Working in mental health with children and teens

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      Dr. Hallowell
      Hi doctor, I don’t mean to hijack Tamoshin’s VERY important thread. But I remember your name (I think) from years ago when I 1st started researching ADHD for my daughter. Have you been in this field all this time? say since … 1995?
      If so I wanted to say how much I have appreciated you help over the years. Mostly in forums like this one.
      Tamoshin, if this is the same doctor, I can’t think of someone as well versed and helpful as Dr Hallowell. You are in good hands here.

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