I think I might have ADHD

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      I’m a table games dealer, requires a lot of math, no problem I love math. Although lately I’ve been noticing I’m having a much harder time getting to my answer. I know the problem and how to get to it, but somehow i always lose my place on the way to the answer. I can look up at a bet and by time I look at the cards and deal the hand I forgot how much you put up. I thought it was normal for dealers to forget their last hand after it is finished, but apparently I’m one of the few who can’t remember the hand for the life of me u less the cards are in front of me. I’m constantly forgetting customers and coworkers names, sometimes I just call them by other names and never even realize that what I’m calling them isn’t even their name. All of this is crucial at my job where bets are placed and money is at stake, I need to be as attentive as possible which as I’m getting older I’m finding harder and harder to do.
      As a child I was always bright, never had an issue with school until I got older. I’ve always been real quick to catch on to mostly anything but it’s SO HARD for me to retain information unless it’s repeated A LOT. When I read I always skip everything in the middle and go only read maybe first couple and last couple sentences. And even when I try to read I can’t retain any of it. I’ve always had a really hard time studying. Like I said I was a bright kid a lot of school didn’t require that I studied I just caught on. But as time went in and things got more difficult I just stopped participating in school all together. Went from a 4.0 student as a child to graduating high school with not even a 2.0. I say things to people off of impulse that I realize later no one else would find okay to say. The best way I’ve noticed that I remember people is that I give them a character in my head. Almost everyone I know resembles or acts like a fictional character to me that I basically assign them and it stays with them until I remember them and forget all about the character I gave them. I just have no filter. I’ve always moved around and never been able to hold onto anything of value including money and a job. Most recently I held my longest job for 1 WHOLE year at 28 that kinda sucks. I’m HORRIBLE with money. No matter how much I work or make somehow I manage to always use it ALL. Then when I’m broke I can’t remember everything I’ve bought to help me get there. I’m pretty sure it’s due to my impulsive nature. I have the worst time trying to fall asleep unless I am like DEAD TIRED, and an equally hard time waking up to get out of bed. I can’t hold a morning job if my life depended on it. I guess as I was younger I was much more careless but as I’m maturing certain things are becoming more important to me, like stability. Now I’m beginning to notice that something has been getting in the way of me achieving this. Table games has treated me well bc as I said before I love numbers math was always my favorite. We move around a lot, can deal different games, and there’s different people and things going on. I think the variety is what is keeping me engaged.

      Now idk if it’s the area I live in or what. But whenever I’ve inquired about ADHD to a professional i feel like they don’t believe me or don’t want to believe me. Been tested for hyperthyroid and even treated for bipolar disorder and taken off the meds. My brain still won’t quiet down.

      Help! Does this sound like anything that anyone here can relate to??
      How can I go about finding out if I have ADHD successfully? I called a psychologist office they told me the eval was $680. The lady was a little rude when I asked how much it would be with my insurance she just said she wouldn’t be able to tell me. And maybe she can’t but her tone and lack of willingness to communicate led me to feel like I was wasting my time. Hung up the phone and haven’t looked into it since.

      I’d like some help tho the mistakes I’ve made at work due to lack of attention could possibly cost me my job.

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      Many of your symptoms are similar to issues i have had and i am also a number nerd. Forgetting names is a lifelong habit, often being late, and similar school issues, but ADHD is much more than that. As Dr Dodson likes to say, the universal symptoms are an interest based attention system and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD). The many other symptoms are what the tests and analysis determine to earn the label.
      As to RSD i was amazed when at an ADHD support group meeting one of our attendees woefully admitted to losing patience with a fellow worker that week and loudly berated her for several minutes (it seemed). When our group leader asked “How many of us had a similar experience in the last 6 months” all 12 of us nodded affirmatively. It was an eye opener of the curse that accompanies this condition. RSD

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