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      Hello, I was diagnosed with ADD when I was 10 years old, and ADHD seemingly runs in my family (my brother and cousin have it) but I think I may have been misdiagnosed?
      I read the “23 signs you don’t have ADHD” article on here, and even though it was a joke, I actually relate to most of them??
      And when I read how other people struggle with their own inattentive ADD, I don’t relate to them at all. I dont relate to how they say it feels their mind is on overdrive, or they can’t focus and her things done even if they try.
      I use to have problems with paying attention when I was little, but now I dont have a problem at all. I didn’t even ever need to take medication for it. Actually, I think my “inattentiveness” was more due to me being more interested in drawing pictures instead of classwork (which is the sign if a disobedient kid, not ADD) or struggling with processing, because I was diagnosed with aspergers as well (which I’m also starting to doubt I have.)
      I don’t struggle with paying attention to things or getting things done outside of the occasional forgetfulness or procrastination. I dont recognize any of the symptoms in myself, at all. My ADD only ever comes up as an excuse- it never really truly interferes with my life.
      I’ve brought this up to my parents (I’m still a minor) and they think I’m just trying to invalidate my problems. I’m not though.
      I’m considering a re-evaluation as ADHD is apparently misdiagnosed a lot. Any thoughts?

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      Dr. Eric

      Were your diagnoses the result of a full assessment or an interview with a doctor or therapist?

      It is expensive, but a good assessment is important.

      As a professional, I am extremely unimpressed with the standard Vanderbilt or SNAP forms that most medical offices use. They only say “Yes, those symptoms exist” but they are not normed well (if at all), nor are they good for differential diagnosis.

      I am partial to neuropsychologists, but the individual is more important than the letters after the name.

      Also be aware that the longer someone goes without their ADHD well managed, you can develop secondary issues from the frustration.

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        Thanks for replying! It was a full assessment and I was diagnosed with aspergers alongside with ADD when I was having behavioral and impulse control oroblems. I don’t think I’ve had secondary problems due to having a hard time paying attention

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