I think I have ADD

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      New member here, thanks for reading my post. I am a 36 year old married male with a 17 month old son. I believe I have suffered with ADD my whole life, but have never been clinically diagnosed. I also suffer from anxiety and somehow think that the two could be tied together. The thing I struggle with the most is the fact of always having to be busy. I have a really good job where I make great money and work with great people. I am always worried about losing my job, so I take a college class here or there exploring other educational paths and thinking I will get a degree in this, or a degree in that. I get into the courses and half way through lose interest and want to quit. It’s becoming more of a self realization to me that there is a problem. I also show interest in various hobbies, but never see them through and get bored. I also find myself struggling to comprehend things I read and cant sit still. If anyone has any advice for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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      This is me to a tee,I was diagnosed with adhd at age 4
      It wouldn’t hurt to try an ADHD/ADD medication if you feel it’s not helpful you can always stop.

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      Sounds a lot like me, too. I wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until I was 54, but it sure helped explain a lot about my whole life. Over the years since my diagnosis, I have tried a number of different medications at different doses to help with my ADD, depression and anxiety. I would recommend you find a doctor or psychiatrist AND a therapist (or coach) who specialize in ADD to help you sort through your options. Drugs can help, but I found the best treatment for me also included therapy to give me insight to my patterns of behavior and emotions and to learn practical steps I could take to help me focus more when I needed to focus, let go when I needed to let go and differentiate between the important and merely urgent in my work and life. It wasn’t easy and I’m not done yet, even in retirement.
      The other thing I find super helpful is being outdoors in nature, things as simple as taking longer walks with the dog or working in my yard. The fresh air and the physical effort really helped my attitude and burned off some of that nervous energy. Working in my yard and garden helped, too, because I could see the difference I was making in relatively little time, whether it was preparing and tending garden beds, pruning bushes and trees, or simply mowing and raking.
      Good luck to you: your life can get better and easier.

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      I’m 28 and I was just diagnosed yesterday!
      The result was that I have ADD. I have been trying my entire life to know what’s wrong.

      I have weekly sessions now before I give medications a try.

      I encourage you to get diagnosed. It’s a big relief to finally be sure about my condition and what options are there for me.

      If getting diagnosed isn’t an option at the moment I advice to try different tools and see what helps. You can do some research to learn about some hacks that can help.

      If you have ADD or not. Couple of organizing, time management and concentration tools can definitely help you a bit in the daily life.

      It will be just fine 🙂

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