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      When I first started medication I lost a lot of weight. About 30 pounds in 7 months. I was stable at that weight after that, but then my medication got discontinued and the replacement sucks, but it has also taken away my appetite again. On top of that the stress of finishing uni… So I felt really weird after a few weeks, drowsy, extremely unfocused, etc. I looked up anorexia symptoms and I have basically all of them, except I don’t want to lose weight. I stepped on the scale and I did lose another 10 pounds. So I have been trying to eat as much as I possibly can, meeting my calorie goal of 2300 (I’m 5 foot 3 and 108 pounds) most days. But I have not gained anything! I’m getting desperate. When I try to find information online, all I get is tips for getting out of the weight loss mindset, but that’s not my problem. I want to gain weight so badly! How do I gain weight??? Please help me

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      Penny Williams

      If you’re not able to take in enough calories to gain weight, it might be time to add a medication to stimulant your appetite. Cyproheptadine is often prescribed for kids when ADHD medication helps but they are losing too much weight as a side effect. No reason an adult couldn’t take it too. Talk with your doctor.

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      Hmmmmmm, try adding more fat? I know people do Keto & lose weight, but everytime I up my refined oils, nuts or sunflower seeds–I gain.

      Sorry you’re experiencing this. Have you had your thyroid checked?

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