I need help with finding an academic coach/tutor for college daughter

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      My 18 yrs old daughter is in college, away from home. She needs a coach to keep her on track and tutor her for academic needs, remotely. Based in the NY/tri-state area possibly. She has ADD so she needs someone who knows how to handle the executive functions challenges. Does anyone have recommendations? Or suggestions on where to search? So grateful for any leads. Patti

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      What are her academic needs? Is it with her productivity and routine needs, or is there a specific class she is having issues with? I have ADHD myself, but I am also a coach. I was a tutor as well when I was in high school and some college. I finished my degree online, so I have that experience as well.

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      Hello Megan, Thank you for your reply. What I’m seeking first is support for productivity and routine, like daily check ups, scheduling, timing, organization, advocacy.. The semester starts soon and I anticipate her needing support with the academic material as well if it gets too hard, but I can’t pinpoint a specific class/subject yet.
      Can we speak on the phone to talk further? Not sure if we are allowed to take this outside the forum.

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      Penny Williams

      There’s a list of ADHD coaches on ADDitude’s Directory here: https://directory.additudemag.com/listing/guide/adhd-coaches

      There are also executive function coaches as well, and that could be a more targeted fit.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      That is very helpful Penny, thank you.

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      Thank you very much Penny.

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