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    Yesterday, I went to a friend’s house. I had fun with my newly-found friends, even met a guy who was once residing in a foreign country. I talked to him for about an hour and that’s when I discovered he’s actually looking for his dad who left him and his mother in the States. I asked him who he is referring to, and as a response, I heard my father’s name. It was then I learned to realize that I have a sibling, half-brother to be specific. That was probably the most painful truth I’ve discovered. I just found out that my dad has another family. He didn’t tell me he has a family left in America some years ago. I don’t know if my mom knows about this, but I need to talk to her and to my dad. How should I approach them? Please tell me how.

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    This is a tough one. My only suggestion is to make an ‘appointment’ with them. Tell them you have something important to talk to them about. I would be apologetic, no accusatory. Something to the effect of, “This is hard for me, but I found out something and I need to talk to you about it. A man I met at so and so’s house said such and such. I just need to know what is going on.” Use your own words and just be open and non-condemning. I hope this helps!

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      I talked to one of my friends and told me that if my family won’t tell about it, who would? Maybe you’re right, I might have to arrange an appointment for us guys. I really appreciate your response. I hope for the best!

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    Hi. It is more common than you think for siblings to have accidental meetups. I think your keeping your head around it shows strength and integrity. It has been a while. What did you do?

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