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      HIEVERYONEYAYAYAYAYFINALLY!!!!! I talked with my psychiatrist and we ran through the DSM-V criteria, my SO provided backup and examples, and he said “while the neurologist report said I didn’t have ADHD, I say you do! Lets talk medicines.” It has taken me years of hard work to get past bipolar, a host of questions about what environmental factors help or hurt, finding about Maladaptive Day Dreaming, watching enough to learn about its high comorbidity with ADHD, reading a ton of this site and others like it, THEN over Christmas gathering evidence to talk to a therapist, producing medical records back to childhood, going to a neurology testing, and finding out my psychiatrist was actually cool. I shouldn’t have developed so much mistrust and fear of being not listened to or seen so many “maybes” as “no”.

      It took a ton of emotional energy and practice telling my story quickly and courage to ask my boss for accommodations before having a doctor’s sign off, and dear god the amount my significant other has put up with this…..

      I think I’ve spent over $2,100 on this quest so far, but this problem has cost me an entire life. I’m very lucky I have the support, family, doctors, job, everything that helped me.

      Press on fellow ADHD people, don’t give up. It feels so good to heard a doctor say it and knowing all the doors it will open. DON’T GIVE UP! Thank you ADDitude and all of you. You all helped me so much. I hope I can give back.

      Pro tips: Surround yourself with good people, organize your records, and practice telling your story quickly. Pace yourself and don’t get burnt out when things take months and months. And sadly, come up with a budget for this quest and learn what your insurance can do (or not). Also, set limits on how much “research” of reading articles on WebMD and ADDitude, focus more on the life skills instead of endless symptoms posts.

      You are worth it. Your life is worth it. Treatment, validation, workplace accommodations, if you think they’ll be worth it, then don’t give up. Have hope!

      Now for the easy/hard part of trying different medicines. Wish me luck and I’ll tell you how it goes!

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      Hello, yes you and everyone here is worth it! I wish you all the best.

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