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      What does it mean if I don’t feel any different with or without taking the vyvanse? I dont feel any more productive or attentive.

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      Penny Williams

      It’s not the right medication and/or dosage.

      A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

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      Hey Bellegal, I’m where you’re at too! Vyvanse is the first stimulant I’ve tried. I’ve tried 20 mg and 30 mg. I feel nothing. It’s really disappointing even though I know the first medication is not always the right medication. It has me wondering if a stimulant can really give me the help I need, or if I might just have to get a new job that’s better structured for me. And now I’m looking for more details on what the stimulants are supposed to help with and what they’re not. I feel your pain. No fun.

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      I found that with Vyvanse I had to ask my immediate family for feedback on any differences they saw. They could see things way before I thought I could feel any difference! Vyvanse is so gradual throughout the day than the shorter acting stimulants.
      What made me realize that it really was helping me was when my doc was on vacation and I ended up running out of it for a few days! Then boy howdy, was I ever able to tell the difference! It was NOT good.
      Also, it was of VERY minimal help at 20 and 30mgs. I am now at 50mg and have recently approached my doc about going to 60 to see how I do. My counselor said he thought it would be worth it to see how well it works at that level.
      I have been working with my clinic with Vyvanse for close to a year now.

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      No I’ve never tried Vyvance but I’m interested. I’ve been diagnosed for six years I am 53- I realized I had ADHD after I was divorced and quit smoking at the same time. my psychiatrist recommended I wait to be diagnosed until the depression of the divorce was over took 5 years!. One thing I can tell you is the most in quotation marks Neuro-typical human beings taking any kind of stimulant medication will be running around like chickens with their head cut off that seems to be the response for Nuro typical people. the fact that you aren’t noticing any difference at all would indicate to me that you clearly have ADHD and as others have said perhaps the dose is too low for you. I have friends who have quit medication and I can tell almost immediately. So the advice others have given about asking your community are sound! Interested to hear from others about your experience with Vyvanse. Sending all of you my best wishes!It’s such a struggle. Most people can’t relate.

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