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      So I am 30, live in the UK and have just had my ADHD assessment and told I have it but am still waiting for the official report.

      I went to the GP 3 years ago after quitting a part-time job within 3 weeks of starting due to the noise causing me extreme psychological distress -The noise was so bad it would make me cry-. Prior to this I had the same crap job for 8 years.

      I have accomplished nothing so far in life. I did ok for my GCSEs and crashed and burned my A-levels and gave up education because I can’t cope with lectures or essays and thats all higher education is.

      I have drifted about aimlessly and have been out of work for 3 years.

      I can’t physically talk about my old job without crying and I have started having conflicts with family members about my joblessness.

      What happens is one of them will come along and say things like “Your not even trying to achieve anything”.

      Which is just not true I have tried endlessly to get a job, applying to things and interviewing and whatever.

      But no one knows about it because I can’t cope with talking about it to people. It takes all my energy to do it. Then when you never get called back after an interview or a job just doesn’t tell you they rejected you.

      I don’t feel like having the same “yeh I got rejected again YAY!” Conversation with people who already think I am a waste of space.

      But In the moment of my family just ripping what little of my self-esteem I have left I used to explode but bow I have just turned so inward I can’t even explain why I am upset.

      Plus I just feel so gaslighted, a week after an argument they deny saying x,y,z and blame everything on me. I know Im not a great person and am stupid most of the time but I know what you said!

      I just don’t know what I am doing anymore this is just and endless waste of time and I actually have nothing good around me and I just don’t want to do this anymore.

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      I’m sorry and I SO CAN RELATE and FEEL YOUR PAIN!🤦‍♀️ In fact, I have completely both emotionally and physically SHUT DOWN from the Outside world and PRAY you are Stronger than myself, as you are half my age and have SO MUCH to Live for! Unfort after many years of being treated for depression, I was 51yrs old before Officially diagnosed with adult ADD by a Board certified psychiatrist. I also suffer with RSD due to many years of criticism from family and friends bc of my behavior. Bless you and..KEEP ON KEEPING ON BEING YOU!

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