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      I’m struggling with this last series of anatomy, I got a different instructor this semester due to the waitlist for the one I previously had. And his teaching style is more detailed and I feel like I’m honestly burning out on this, also taking microbiology, while doing this CNA program starting tomorrow. I really don’t know if I should be nurse.

      I initially thought I would be a great nurse cause I got empathy, shift my attention fast, love intense things (I always look on news for next big catastrophe, and something exciting/intense). However this school portion of so much time sitting down and seeing how much information I need to write down then I quiz my self from the books practice quizzes and I still score bad.

      Medication adderall nor concerta has helped me, besides I feel better not being on meds, there has to be another path or wait until next quarter for different instructor.

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      I took this exact same journey. It’s rough. Both nursing and nursing school are tough. I think if you are able/capable, empathetic, a caregiver type, like/need variety, and have passion for this job/career. I think you might just be doing to much at once. Those CNA courses are A LOT. There’s a lot of info and they end with 2 tests- a long multiple choice test and a live skills test (which is hard). So, doing your prereqs/nursing classes at the same time could be extremely overwhelming and difficult.

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      I guess you are doing too much. Try to take a step back and rest if you can.

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