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      Our Christmas holiday is over. We’ve got school and work tomorrow.
      I don’t hate my job. So why do I feel like I’ve murdered my Grandma tonight?
      I can physically feel it.
      Fluttering heart.
      Deep pitted sickness.

      My entire body is aching and I’m wired.
      But why?
      I’m so tired of trying to work out what’s going on with me.

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      I completely understand where you’re coming from! In all honesty I read your post and thought “thank god it’s not just me!”.

      I’ve spent the last couple of months building myself up into burnout mode. So now I’m left with no energy and no motivation. The only thing I can do now is take some time for me, away from work and demands and not feel guilty about it.

      I’ve been pretty hard on myself over the last few weeks and worked myself up into such a state of no return. Rather than trying things, routine etc. And thinking that would be the end of my ADD and that it would all be solved I’ve had to try and think differently and accept when it goes wrong and of course…. for people like us, that’s easier said than done.

      I would suggest trying to give yourself a break, take some time for you and accept that it’s ok to feel how you do. Christmas especially is a very tiring experience for most people so for us guys and gals, it’s going to be extra. Especially as we’re sat waiting for the brighter mornings to start so we can get up in the morning!

      You’re doing a great job I’m sure of it. Just be kinder to yourself

      Hope you have a better day today! X

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