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      I have recently found the Additude website and I have been finding it really interesting and helpful, even though I have not been diagnosed, so many of the articles apply to me.

      There seems to be vast amounts of information however and lots of links! I’ll be reading an article and it will contain links to other articles so then I’ll go and read them and end up forgetting about he original article! I can end up with loads of tabs open and probably far too many hours spent reading when I should be doing other things! It’s just so useful and interesting though I can’t help myself.

      How do other people use the website without getting completely lost in it for hours on end?

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      That was hilarious. I was just cracking up at your post. I mean for an ADD website to be so full of distractions is almost a twisted joke.

      Seriously, I was having the same thought. I have 10 tabs open from this site that I clicked and I only had been on it for like 10 minutes… barely read one full article.

      Thanks for the laugh, and good luck!

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      Time everything, 20 minute blocks, use this as your reward for doing 20 housework…I find I work faster and more focused and read faster and more efficiently and love competing with myself. If it only lasts for two hours…never mind…I’ll guarantee you achieved more in that 2 hours than you ever thought you could!
      Also browse standing up!!…

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