I cant cope with my daughter of tourettes which has ADHD too

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      Been looking for someone to talk to. Since having children i have suffered with depression and my youngest (13years) has been diagnosesd with tourettes which includes ADHD, learning difficulties, OCD, temper and vindictive and argumentative. She gets right into your head, saids one thing but means another, contradicts herself, attitude awful, over talks you, doesn’t listen, can not reason with her, wants wants wants, very self centered. Blames me for everything, she hears noices and i have to say sorry. My depression is getting worse and many times i want to run away or not be here in this world anymore, i try to get the help she needs, been to CAMHS for years, on medication, talking to the school but nothing changes. I do not know how much longer i can continue. Sometimes i feel that someone else needs to look after her,then i would feel even more of a failure. Please help

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      It sounds like you need a break and sometimes it helps to take one. That is OK, we all need breaks. Maybe a young adult that is good with ADHD/OCD? Also, is your child seeing a therapist? Maybe they can help attenuate some of the difficulty for your teen. The therapist can also give you help in what to do in response to the behaviors. Also, do you have a therapist, with all that is going on? Taking care of yourself is also super important! If you feel you are going to do something harmful to yourself, please ask for help.

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      Penny Williams

      If she’s hearing voices, that’s a signal that there’s something more going on potentially and definitely time to speak to a doctor or psych again (could be a bad reaction to a medication or a different, more challenging condition). If treatment isn’t helping, explain that to her doctor and ask to try something new.

      Studies are finding more and more that parent training to interact with our kids with ADHD differently can make a huge difference for behavior and overall quality of life for the family. Triple P is a great program that is available free in many areas.

      Positive Parenting Program, Triple P

      And positive parenting in general will create improvement:

      Become the Parent Your Child Needs

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      I am so sorry for all that you’re going through right now. My heart really hurts for you. This may sound bad, but right now you need to take care of yourself first. I understand the helplessness you’re feeling and not wanting to be in the world. I also understand that when the depression lifts, you will see things a little differently, even though the situation may be the same. Please, if you have a physician make an appointment, if not, please find one that can provide you support for the depression. I don’t know if you are a single mother, but it sounds like you are or at least don’t get much support. If you can find a way to get additional support – a friend, SO, family member you can just take a break from it for a while. I know if you are a single mother, that can be difficult – and sometimes people just don’t want to help with our challenging children. I agree with ADHDMOMMA that your daughter needs another opinion as well. There is a lot going on with her. Please take care of yourself – your daughter does need you. XOXO

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