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      I am a wife, a mom of 2 amazing kids, one who hasADHD and one who wants all my attention, and I am a the one who has ADHD. I drive my husband completely insane andI hate it. I want nothing mkre than to make him happy and to do right by my kids. I am the worst at disciplining our kids and he is pretty good, but gets angry so easy, over every little thing. I am always trying to work on my issues with ADHD and this website jas always been very helpful. I look forward to getting help here and helping if I can.


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      Penny Williams

      Good to have you here @Kelsead!

      You might find these articles on when mom also has ADHD very helpful:

      When Mom or Dad Has ADHD

      What to Do When SuperMom Has ADHD

      I recommend the book “The Queen of Distraction” by Terry Matlen, too. It’s packed full of tips and tricks for moms with ADHD.

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